Sunday, 8 October 2017

Halloween Baking Ideas

Now it's October I feel like I can start looking as everything to do with Halloween - pumpkins, fancy dress and spooky films! To me it also means it's getting closer to my favourite time, Christmas but I can't let myself start shopping for that until November. Pinterest is fab for looking at anything to make or bake and I've found quite a few different baking ideas for Halloween so I thought I'd share these with you, they're all linked below too.

Ghost Meringues - These look so good and they're probably quite easy to make, you could even put these on top of cupcakes.

Halloween Cookies -I love baking cookies but I don't think my icing skills are quite this good yet.

Spider web chocolate cupcakes - These are my favourite that I've found so far as they look easy to make, plus they're chocolate.

Spider cupcakes - These cupcakes would be good for a party or for someone who you know doesn't like spiders *cackles*.

Graveyard Mousse - This is such a good idea, I've not seen anything like this design before and it looks like chocolate heaven.

Hope you all liked this post, if I give the spider web cupcakes below I'll be sure to write a post about them. You can see more from my Pinterest page here.


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