Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2017 Wishlist

Hello 2017!

After the longest blogging break I've ever had (it wasn't even intentional - honestly) I'm back. The New Year always makes me feel fresh and like it's time to get organised so hopefully I can work that with Abigail's World too. Towards the end of 2016 I got busy, moved from one job to another with no routine in place so my blog got pushed to the back of my to-do list. So now that I've got some time off before starting a whole new job (and career) I thought I'd spend some time writing for my blog. It's been so long that even Blogger has changed! So what better way to start off 2017 on my blog than with a wishlist of a few things that I'd like to treat myself to by the end of the year.

Marc Jacobs Daisy - I've always been a fan of Marc Jacobs perfumes and after trying a few in Boots the other day I think this one became my favourite.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes - Possibly the most talked about eye shadow palettes in the blogging world and I'm still yet to own one, I think my favourite is probably Naked 2 but having the whole collection would be amazing.

Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera - If you follow me over on Instagram then you'll probably know that I'm getting quite into my photography, especially wildlife photography. But there's only so much you can do before you have to purchase a dslr, I've read up on a few different brands and cameras lately and this one seems to be quite good for the lower budget but I'm still not 100% sure which one I'd go for.

JML Simply Straight Heated Brush - I'm not sure if it's just me or if everyone seems to have released one of these brushes at the same time. At first I never really believed the ads that these were as good as they made out but after seeing some reviews lately they seem pretty good and I would imagine possibly better for your hair too.

What's on your 2017 wishlist?


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  1. The Naked Palettes are amazing - I only need to get #3 and then I have the whole set! I need to still think of my 2017 wishlist :) Tania Michele xx


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