Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Review: NYX Tame and Frame Brow Pomade

An aspect of makeup that I've been wanting to improve on for a while are brows. I'm one of the probably few bloggers that have never had their eyebrows waxed or threaded and just used a brow pencil. From what I've seen in the blogging community the most raved about brow product in my eyes has to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. But there was no way I could justify spending around £15 when I had no clue how to use it or if I'd even like it. So I was obviously quite happy when I came across this NYX 'dupe' for a mere £5.50 in Boots.

I bought the NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade when I was in London and had to wait until the next week to use it after I'd taken these photos. But it was definitely worth the wait! The item is packaged in a little box, inside of which is this little pot of, which I'd call miracles. The pot itself is really slick with the clear pot and glossy black lid with the white text, this is only the second piece of makeup I own by NYX and I am really loving them as a brand so far.

Opening this pot was like when you see fresh snow in the winter and just want to dive straight in but also don't want to ruin it at the same time - *insert crazy face emoji*. I was torn between two shades, Chocolate or Brunette, I found Chocolate was more of a warm toned brown which was more similar to the brow pencil I'd previously been using to do my brows, and the Brunette shade was more of a cool toned brown but matched my hair colour more. So in the end after a debate on which colour to go for with my friends in the store, I decided to go for Brunette, and I'm so so glad that I did.

This is now my favourite brow product and although I don't use it every single time I leave the house, if I have time to apply it I will. For those quick trips to the shop I don't want to waste this amazing product. It's definitely one of my favourite pieces of makeup altogether at the moment and I will purchase this again when I do eventually run out. The photos below were taken before and after my first use of the brow pomade (a few weeks ago now) so although I think I did quite well for my first attempt, I think I've got a better hang of it now.

What are your favourite brow or NYX products?


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