Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Experience - First Driving Lessons

Today's post is all about learning to drive and the experience I had when I first started to learn how to drive.* I'll also be including some of my top tips to learning to drive and some handy links!

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The theory test:
I first started learning to drive around October last year during my final year of university. I'd always known that I wanted to learn to drive, for me it was more of a question of when should I start to learn. I was 21 when I started to learn and I had already passed my theory test. At first I thought I wanted to do an intense driving course before I went back to uni in the summer last year, so I practiced for my theory test and passed after being very nervous for my test - I put a lot of hard work into it but I was still surprised when I passed! I downloaded an app to my phone to practice for my theory test which I think helped a lot, which I'll link here.

Finding an Instructor:
Onto getting an instructor I don't know why exactly but I felt it would be better to have a female driving instructor. I found it best to search online for ones in my local area or if I saw one out and about and remembered the name to search for later on. So after a lot of texting, calling and searching for one in the town I went to University, I finally found one with a space!

The first lesson:
I was still quite nervous for my first driving lesson, not only the driving part but also meeting someone who is going to teach you how to drive for the first time. I know some friends of mine had to get new driving instructors after not getting along with them. For the first lesson my driving instructor drove us to a much quieter area in the countryside where there wasn't so many other vehicles around and I have to say that I was surprised at how 'easy' I thought it was to simply drive along a road - I don't know what I was imagining.

The next few lessons:
After the first lesson I was in the driving seat from then, getting to know the basics from starting off, changing gears and getting the hang of driving on the roads. I always enjoyed learning to drive and I think doing my theory test beforehand definitely helped!

Top Tips:

1. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! - Driving lessons aren't cheap and I wish I'd planned years ago to actually save up for them.

2. Take your theory test as soon as possible. - I think the fact that I'd already passed my theory test helped a lot when first learning to drive, I remember my instructor quizzing me on road signs and surprisingly getting the majority correct!

3. Watch youtube videos. - If I was ever stuck on a maneuver for example I found watching youtube videos helped a lot, I'll link my favourite driving channel here.

4. Websites and Apps. - As well as watching youtube videos another way to help you learn are apps and websites. The website Book Learn Pass has information on local driving instructors in your area, theory test information and their own tips. And also the theory app which I used when practicing for my theory test, linked here.

Let me know if you found this post helpful at all.


*This post was written in collaboration with Book Learn Pass.


  1. Driving is so freeing when you finally get going :) Tania xx


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