Thursday, 24 March 2016

Recipe: Easter Caramel Eggs Cheesecake

Last night I made this cheesecake and decorated it this morning, and I just couldn't wait to write this post to share the recipe with you all just in time for Easter! I love baking when I come home from uni and thought Easter was the perfect excuse although when searching pinterest for something to make I just couldn't decide. I wanted to make something I've never tried before and most of the recipes seemed to be creme egg based - so as I don't like creme eggs I wanted to mix a few recipes together to use these Galaxy caramel eggs instead! It's the first time I've made a cheesecake so I had no idea what to expect or whether it was going to even work and I'm so glad it did! Half of the cheesecake has disappeared already....


300g Digestive Biscuits
125g Melted Butter

500g Full Fat Cream Cheese
1tsp Vanilla Extract
100g Icing Sugar
150g Carnation Caramel
300ml Double Cream
175g Caramel Eggs (or more/less if you'd like)

Leftover Caramel
Mini Caramel Eggs to decorate


1. Smash up the biscuits and mix in with the melted butter. (I put the biscuits in a sandwich bag and used a rolling pin to crush them.

2. Add the biscuit and butter mix to a tin lined with baking paper and leave to set in the fridge.

3. Whisk together the cream cheeses, vanilla, icing sugar and caramel until smooth.

4. Pour in the double cream and whisk for a few more minutes until it almost becomes a meringue type texture.

5. Chop the caramel eggs that are going into the cheesecake and fold through the mixture, then add the mixture to the tin on top of the biscuit base and return to the fridge. You will then need to leave this for at least 5 hours, but I chose to leave mine overnight just to make sure it was ready for decorating the next morning.

6. Decorate the cheesecake however you like with the left over caramel and the caramel eggs and enjoy!

Let me know if any of you decide to make this or any other Easter recipes! You can leave me a comment below or tweet me @AbigailsWorld94.