Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lifestyle: Bird Watching

It might be half way through January but Happy New Year! I can't believe how quick it's going already and I'm only just getting around to writing a blog post for the first time this year. I've just come back to university after a lovely four weeks at home, and although it's been nice to be home and for so long too, I've been non stop with university work and writing my dissertation. I haven't had much time to myself over the holidays but one thing I have enjoyed doing is getting out my camera and taking photos of birds in the garden and on walks. I love wildlife and learning more about photography and my camera so combine the two and I'm one happy bunny.

My favourite photo's are the last one of the blue tit, and the photo of the Robin. I think it's the first proper photo I've got of both of them before. I'll be back soon with some more posts and hopefully my uni work won't stop me from posting as much as it did before Christmas!