Sunday, 18 October 2015

Steal her Style: Rachel Green

'Steal her Style' posts have always been one of my most popular posts read by you wonderful readers. I haven't written one of these posts in a long long time but whilst watching Friends recently I remembered just how fashionable the character Rachel has been over the ten series. One of my first 'Steal her Style' posts was actually of Jennifer Aniston which you can read here.

This first outfit I really love and is one of my favourites that I've seen throughout the show, I'm also getting into wearing skirts a lot more now than I use to and I really want this one to add to my collection. I was quite surprised at just how near a match I could find to the one worn by Rachel, well done Topshop!

Skirt, Topshop

This second outfit is from later in the series when Rachel is clearly a lot more into fashion and is in one of her work outfits. I personally love work wear and 'dressing up' and think this is another great outfit. Over the knee boots are in at the minute so I chose to include these in this post, by Public Desire who are making too many good shoes at the minute I just can't.

Which outfit is your favourite?



  1. Love the outfits, they're pretty spot on!! Tania xx

  2. It seems like I haven't been doing anything else than watching Friends lately! The show is just so good even though I've seen it over a billion times. I love the skirts :)x

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