Sunday, 11 October 2015

H&M Homeware Wish List

If you're a regular reader of mine you'll probably already know my love for homeware, I love browsing websites for it, watching or reading hauls and of course buying a lot of it.... and I don't even have my own house! H&M have recently got better and better with their homeware items and my local H&M store don't stock any of it but I have no choice but to just browse online instead. So for this months wish list I thought I'd put a few of their items together that I've been lusting after to share with you.

My favourite piece from this wish list has to be the mug, but you also can't have too many cushions or candles, especially as it's now autumn.



  1. Lovely finds! I am a little obsessed with homeware too, haha.
    That bath towel is so pretty. :)

  2. That bath towel is so pretty, what a gorgeous print! I'd love that print on a duvet set as well. Great picks! x

    Megan |

  3. That dotty mug is so cute! I want!! Tania xx


I appreciate every one of your lovely comments, thank you.