Monday, 3 August 2015

10 things to do over summer

I usually struggle myself with thinking of what I can do over the summer, especially this year when I've been use to working 5 days a week for my work placement. Now I need to prepare myself for my final year of university, so who knows this could be the last summer or freedom before having to get a permanent full-time job! So if you get as stuck as I do, here's a list of things to keep you occupied this summer.

1. Get Creative - If you're a blogger the chances are that you probably are a creative person anyway so why not make something or start a new hobby - then you can blog about it afterwards.

2. Take Photos - Things always seem to look better in the sun so why not pick up your camera, head outside and take some wonderful photographs. Whether it's in your garden or a day out somewhere its a way to capture memories and practice your photography too.

3. Start a Scrapbook - I've started a scrapbook myself and although mine is based on photography and remembering places I've visited, I've seen that some people are recording every day things such as dates and trips out which aren't necessarily to do with the photography but a photo to remember the event. And I like an excuse to go out and buy pretty embellishments too.

4. Get Cooking - I love baking and cooking and now that I'm home from uni for the summer I don't want to get out of practice of cooking every night so I want to try and cook a new recipe for my family once a week or at least do some baking. Pinterest is a great place for recipe inspiration too.

5. Have a Clear Out - Never mind how boring this sounds, you might be surprised at what you find hiding away in your room. I usually do this every year and means I get to sell things I no longer need or give them to charity. Especially with clothes - then I can go out and buy some more too, ha like I needed an excuse.

6. Purchase an adult colouring book - I bought one myself a couple of months ago and I love it. A lot people are using them now they're getting more popular and they are known to be used to clear away your stress which is a bonus.

7. Go to somewhere you've never been to before - This isn't always as easy as it sounds (especially if you don't drive). But google somewhere local or go out for a drive or a walk and you never know what you might stumble across. It could end up being somewhere you visit every year from then if you find somewhere you really like.

8. Do something that you don't usually have time for - If your summer is a summer holiday from university like mine (or even college or school), you will have a lot of spare time to what you've been use to. Usually you only have weekends and evenings spare but now you have the whole of summer, so do something such as getting a summer job to save up some cash, plan a holiday, start your driving lessons or even simply start a new TV series or book.

9. Get ready for what's to come next - Because I'm still at university, I'm not sure if September is the time everyone wants to refresh and get a nice new start and prepared for the year to come, or whether it's because it's all I've ever known through school/college/university/placement starting the next year at around this time. This will be my last year at university *cries*, so over the summer months I need to get ready planning my dissertation and of course writing a new shopping list of what to buy for this year - stationary is always one of my favourites.

10. Enjoy yourself - Do whatever makes you happy, whether its a time to catch up with old friends, go on holiday with your family or just to chill out and relax, do whatever makes you smile.

Abigail x


  1. Great post! Starting a scrapbook is a really nice idea. :)

    1. I love making it and it's something nice to look back at nice memories on :)


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