Sunday, 19 July 2015

Review: Paperchase Recipe File

After realising all of my recipe's were scattered on bits of paper, in random recipe books and on my blog, I thought it was time to get them organised and put them all together in one file! So as I love stationary and organising so much anyway I knew the place to go would be PAPERCHASE! *Celebratory dance*

Paperchase have so many different files to choose from with different designs on the front too, so the one I chose is this 'Hand-drawn recipe file' (available online here). This file costs £15.00 which to begin with I did think it was a little pricey for somewhere to keep your recipes in but it actually has so many different compartments inside, is designed so well with the little hand drawings throughout the file and it even comes packaged in a nice box!

So here are some photo's of what's inside, and yes, that is a chocolate cupcake in a tea cup case..

I have started to write some of my recipes in this book but I haven't quite decided which order I want things in yet. I've also decided to only write down recipes I've actually used and know are great - and one of my favourite things about this file is that there are little pockets throughout the file to keep little magazine cuttings and notes for recipes you might want to try out before actually writing them down. And if you do write a recipe in the 'wrong' section of the book or want to rearrange some of the pages, you can due to it being a ring binder!

It includes stickers for the tabs and stickers for you to write your own label and even a conversion chart which I know I'll find useful. It also includes a 'dinner party' planning section which is great - I'll just have to throw a party for an excuse to use it, right?

Abigail x


  1. This is super cute; I'm a sucker for anything from Paperchase! I really need to pay another visit to my local store soon <3

    1. They need to stop making things so pretty, it's hurting my bank balance haha :)


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