Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Top 5 places i need to visit in London

For someone who loves London and all the touristy and very British things you can do there, I've surprisingly only been twice before. Once for the day on a school trip when I was 10 and last year for the weekend with a couple of friends you can read the post about it here. I'm hoping to go back to London later this year and also next year and maybe then I'll be able to tick a few of these things to do off my list of things I need to do and see in London.

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1. Visit the Cereal Killer Cafe - I think I'd first heard of the cereal killer cafe when I saw someone post a photo of it on instagram and since then it's been on my list of places to visit. I love the choice of cereal you get to choose from, there are so many, most of which it wouldn't be easy to find in the UK every day. And the little extra toppings you can add such as kinder hippos, with the cute glass bottles of milk to pour onto your cereal and a nice cup of English tea it sounds like the perfect breakfast.

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2. Go and see (and take lots of photo's of) Buckingham Palace - I don't think this would be a place that is on a lot of peoples places to visit list nowadays as I don't think that the Royal family interest as many young people as the would have done a few centuries ago maybe. But I find something interesting about them and the fact that not many other countries still have a Royal family so I think it's something that we should appreciate.

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3. Visit the V&A Museum - Also known as the Victoria and Albert Museum, being interested in art and design and fashion and textiles for quite some time now this place has been on my list of places to visit for a while with so many exhibitions to see which are always changing with something new to see.

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4. Visit the Tate Galleries - Both the Tate Britain and Tate Modern Galleries are in London and I've not yet had the chance to visit either of them, studying art courses over the past few years and writing essays on some of the pieces that are in these galleries I think it's somewhere I definitely need to visit.

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5. Shop in Westfield in London - I do like to shop but even the architecture and design of this place makes me want to visit it even more.

Abigail x


  1. I definitely would love to visit London, there seems to be so much to see and do!

    Paige | Paige Says

  2. I love London - I live on the outskirts, but I'm in Bath for uni and I miss it so much! It's such a brilliant city and somewhere you can never be bored. x

    1. You've made me want to visit it even more now haha x


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