Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

With a week until Mother's Day, have you bought a gift yet or still looking for some inspiration? This year I've been organised and bought my gifts in advance but that's not always the case. So for the last minute buyers out there I thought I'd put together a little collection of ideas of gifts you could give to your mother this mother's day.

Yankee Candles Gift Set - It's now become the time of year where the christmas and wintery scents are fading away and the floral spring/summer scents are beginning to make an appearance. This excites me (especially as I'm sitting with sun beaming in on me whilst I'm writing this) as this set contains three Spring scented candles, those being Cassis, Aloe water and Honey blossom. These sound like perfect scents for this time of year and look at how pretty the candle holder is which comes with the set!

Marks and Spencer's Flowers - You can't go wrong with some flowers on Mother's Day, especially as a last minute gift. Marks and Spencer's seem to be doing the perfect range for Mother's Day too.

 George Hare Cushion - I don't know about you (and your mother's, of course) but I'm all about the homeware section in ANY store. If you're giving your mother a lazy mother's day why not give her a cushion or throw to snuggle up with and stick a good film on!

 Cath Kidston Tea Cup Set - Cath Kidston are known for such pretty pieces and when I spotted this tea cup on their website I thought it'd be a perfect gift to take your mum a cuppa in bed this Mother's Day.

Thornton's Chocolates - I don't know many people (if anyone) that aren't a fan of Thornton's chocolates and I love the fact that you get to personalise the gifts you buy from them. You can write a message to them which they can then eat - all chocolate lovers dream, right?

Lush 'love you mum' Gift Set - All of you bloggers out there have probably been into a lush to smell these beauty's they've brought out for Mother's Day (I know I have) or at least seen other bloggers talk about them online. I think this is one of my favourites in this gift guide, within the set you get the 'love you mum' soap, the 'helping hands' hand cream and last but not least the 'secret garden' bath bomb which I've heard great things about! I knew if it was myself receiving this I'd be straight in the bath with that bath bomb!

Abigail x

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