Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ikea Wishlist

I can't quite it's March already! On the plus side I guess it means we can look forward to warm weather, right? So with a new month, as always here is a new wishlist. This months wishlist is all about Ikea! Believe it or not I've never actually been to an Ikea, I guess I've never really needed to and never had one close to me, but apparently I need to go to one, especially with being an interior design student. I know there's a lot of great storage and furniture in Ikea too but for this post I thought I'd stick to the smaller accessories which I'm now lusting over!

My favourites are the rug, purple glass, vase and the london picture, I can imagine that rug being super soft, and I've seen the vase used by many bloggers to hold their make-up brushes which is such a good idea! What are your favourite?

Abigail x


  1. I actually LOVE Ikea haha. I could quite happily spend an entire day there, oh and their food is fab too, especially the meatballs :). Your picks are great! xx

    1. Thank you! I'm so sad I've not yet had chance to visit one xx


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