Sunday, 15 March 2015

Boots 3 for 2 Haul

A week or two ago I managed to finally allow myself to purchase some new make-up and skincare products, I've been trying to only re-purchase products when I run out of them to save a little bit of money recently, and (until this shopping trip) I've been able to stick to it. Plus, it was 3 for 2 on both skincare products AND Revlon products so I just had to buy what I needed, and a little bit more. It was also triple points with your boots card this day so I managed to collect some extra points too which is always fab!

First up is something which I don't usually include into my every day skincare routine, so I thought to make me want to use it even more (because I'm that lazy) that I needed to find a spritz version. After looking for quite a while I managed to find this Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz, quite a mouthful right? I've tried one other product by the botanics range before, the exfoliating scrub and I got on well with it so I decided to give this a try too. I haven't used it for long but it seems to be doing it's job so far, 

Next up is the Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask, another Botanics product which I'm new to. Although I have tried a similar mask before by the popular brand, Origins. I've been looking for an alternative and cheaper option and either a charcoal or clay mask so I thought I'd give this a go and so far, so good!

Soap and Glory's The Fab Pore Mask & Peel was featured on a post a wrote in January on products which I'd like to try this year (you can read it here). I then recently Saw a youtuber rave about it so as soon as I realised the skincare products in Boots where on a 3 for 2 offer I rushed to the soap & glory section to pick this up. I've only been using this once a week so far so I'm thinking of doing a full review on it soon!

One of the re-purchases, one of my favourite foundations which is the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. I absolutely love this foundation and I'd say it's maybe even my all-time favourite so far. The last time I had this foundation I decided that I'd use another one for day-to-day wear and this one for if I was going somewhere like I night out or some kind of occasion. However now as I'm out of the house for around 12 hours a day if not longer for five days a week I've found that it does last a lot longer than other foundations which I've tried and is still pretty much intact when I return home.

I also needed a new face powder, although I wasn't planning on spending quite this much on one, I think anything over £10 for a face powder is a lot for what it is but seen as it was 3 for 2 I thought I'd treat myself. And this Revlon Photo Ready Face Powder is definitely worth it, you also get a little brush with it which although I don't use it with this I'm sure it'll come in handy (I use the Real Techniques Powder brush - which is amazing and so soft) and this powder also makes me skin feel so soft and is really good at setting the foundation.

Lastly I decided to purchase the Revlon Lash Potion Mascara, another item that was on my 2015 beauty wishlist post. I love this mascara. I've never tried a Revlon mascara before so I wasn't too sure how it would compare to the previous mascara's I've tried but I really like using it and it makes my eye lashes look so much longer.

Have you tried any of these products?

Abigail x


  1. I want to try the Shine Away mask too, it looks great! I have tried the S&G mask and it's really good :-) x

    1. The soap and glory one has to be my favourite, it still feels refreshing for so long after! x


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