Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fleur de Force - The Glam Guide Book Review

A few years ago before blogging and youtubing became as popular as it is now, I was on youtube and there was a video which was 'recommended' for me to watch. And that was one by Fleur, also known as Fleur De Force. Since watching that first video about 4/5 years ago I've been watching Fleur's video's ever since which then led to me watching other Youtuber's and reading blogs and getting more and more into beauty and fashion which eventually made me want to create my own blog.

So, with Fleur's book The Glam Guide coming out (available here) and with a book tour I really wanted to pop along to one of the tour destinations but as I was working on that day I missed out on meeting Fleur, however I did pop along later to purchase the book anyway - and even managed to pick up a signed copy!

There's so much more to this book than just beauty and fashion which is something I love about it. There's also tips on travel, health and fitness and general lifestyle as well of course blogging and youtube. Not only has Fleur written about these sections she has also included tutorials and recipes and little tricks that she has picked up over the years.

In the beauty section she talks about some of her favourite products and tips on how to create the perfect outcome. Something I've personally learnt from the beauty section is an easier way to apply liquid eye-liner, as well as a few other tips on lipstick and concealer too.

Something I've never thought about doing until now, is making my own face masks. There's so many different ingredients you can use depending out what skin type you have and what you want to improve and Fleur has included a few different ones of these. Although I'm yet to try out any of these recipes so far, I'll be sure to write a post on how it goes.

The hair tutorials in this book are also really good, especially the plaits. There's one of them which I've actually managed to do myself which is quite unbelievable because things like that never seem to really work with my hair for some reason. There's also a whole section on fashion which has some great tips on things like how to find the right pair of jeans and some classic pieces which everyone should have in their wardrobe. At the end of the different sections in the book there's also a double page on '10 Quick Tips'. I think these are really handy, as you can see above they're just little things which you wouldn't have thought of which would really help a lot - the coat button nail polish trick is something I'll be doing if one falls off.

Food and fitness are also something I love that Fleur has included in her book. If you're a regular visitor to my blog then you may have seen the amount of baking I've been doing recently (and there's more to come). I absolutely love making smoothies, especially in the summer and I'll definitely be trying some of Fleur's recipes. The fitness section is also so motivating, the calorie converter definitely makes me think more about how much exercise you have to do to burn off a pizza or ice cream!

I really enjoyed reading Fleur's book and completely recommend it (especially if you've read this far into the post) whether you're a regular visitor to her channel and blog or not. My favourite sections have to be be the beauty, hair and food sections, I can't wait to try out some of the recipes. I also love the design of her book, the watercolour paint like marks on the pages and the little illustrations throughout the book just complete it.

Abigail x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pinterest Post #11 - Kitchenware

If you've seen some of my most recent posts you may have noticed I've been sharing my love for homeware bits and pieces and also how much baking I've been doing lately. So for today's post I thought I'd share with you some pretty kitchenware which I've seen on pinterest and now need in my life. These are just my top picks for my kitchenware pinterest board.

Vintage Floral Prints - I love these prints and especially on the vintage milk bottle, I'd much rather have this to put milk in in the fridge rather than those plastic bottles it comes in.

Mixer - If you can't already tell from the images above I really like pastels in kitchenware and this mixer is just lovely. I think I saw it recently on somewhere like The Great British Bake Off and they look so easy to use too.

Heart Shaped Dish - I spotted a lot of these around valentine's day earlier this year but I think they'd be great for the whole year, not just for one day, especially if you love baking like me.

Cute Bowls - These look so pretty together, and look at just how cute that little bird is.

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons - I always seem to forget how useful measuring spoons and cups are and I'm yet to own some still. These heart shaped ones just make them even more worth having, right?

Abigail x

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Easy-Peasy Banoffee Pie Recipe

Apologies for the terrible lighting in these photos but the sun decided it was going to make an appearance the day I wanted to take some blog photos (and eat this of course) and my window ledge seems to be the only suitable place to do so at the moment. Banoffee Pie has been on my 'baking list' for quite a while and after helping a friend to make it I wanted to make it for myself even more, and it was definitely worth the wait - it tasted soooo good.

  • 250g digestive biscuits (crushed)
  • 100g butter (melted)
  • 397g can of Carnation caramel
  • 4 small bananas
  • 300ml whipping cream (whipped)
  • Grated chocolate or chocolate sprinkles to decorate

  1. Mix together the biscuit crumbs and melted butter in a pan (I used a masher to crush the biscuits - the student way)
  2. Then press them into the base of a tin and stick in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  3. Within these 10 minutes you can whip the cream with a whisk and slice the bananas
  4. Then spread the caramel over the biscuit base
  5. Add the slices of banana on top followed by the whipped cream and grated/sprinkles of chocolate
  6. Then chill until ready to serve and you have a masterpiece of a banoffee pie! 

I think I definitely need to make this again sometime, it's so easy and delicious. Let me know if any of you make it, I'd love to see some pictures. You can tweet me at @AbigailsWorld94 or send me an e-mail at

Abigail x

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pinterest Post #10 - Hair

Another one of the many things I love pinning in the world of pinterest has to be hairstyles. You can see more on my hair board but I've picked out my top 5 below, as you can probably tell I'm going through a mix of both an ombre and a plait obsession at the minute.

Plaited Hair

I've been wanting to change my hairstyle again for quite a while now and although I've been looking at a few short hairstyles over on pinterest recently, I don't think I'm feeling brave enough to go shoulder length or shorter just yet. I am however thinking of rekindling the ombre look which I've had for over a year before, a year without and now I'm thinking of going back to it, the first image above sells me 100% but I'm pretty sure mine won't be looking that good! Another reason for not wanting to have too short hair right now is that I've been loving plaits lately, although I need to master them myself, they look amazing, I really love fishtail plaits which for some reason I can't get my head around creating just yet, hopefully I will do one day. The Game of Thrones inspired look is also one I'm yet to try but I'm loving watching Game of Thrones at the minute so I thought I'd throw it in there!

What are your favourite hairstyles at the moment?

Abigail x

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Boots 3 for 2 Haul

A week or two ago I managed to finally allow myself to purchase some new make-up and skincare products, I've been trying to only re-purchase products when I run out of them to save a little bit of money recently, and (until this shopping trip) I've been able to stick to it. Plus, it was 3 for 2 on both skincare products AND Revlon products so I just had to buy what I needed, and a little bit more. It was also triple points with your boots card this day so I managed to collect some extra points too which is always fab!

First up is something which I don't usually include into my every day skincare routine, so I thought to make me want to use it even more (because I'm that lazy) that I needed to find a spritz version. After looking for quite a while I managed to find this Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz, quite a mouthful right? I've tried one other product by the botanics range before, the exfoliating scrub and I got on well with it so I decided to give this a try too. I haven't used it for long but it seems to be doing it's job so far, 

Next up is the Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask, another Botanics product which I'm new to. Although I have tried a similar mask before by the popular brand, Origins. I've been looking for an alternative and cheaper option and either a charcoal or clay mask so I thought I'd give this a go and so far, so good!

Soap and Glory's The Fab Pore Mask & Peel was featured on a post a wrote in January on products which I'd like to try this year (you can read it here). I then recently Saw a youtuber rave about it so as soon as I realised the skincare products in Boots where on a 3 for 2 offer I rushed to the soap & glory section to pick this up. I've only been using this once a week so far so I'm thinking of doing a full review on it soon!

One of the re-purchases, one of my favourite foundations which is the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. I absolutely love this foundation and I'd say it's maybe even my all-time favourite so far. The last time I had this foundation I decided that I'd use another one for day-to-day wear and this one for if I was going somewhere like I night out or some kind of occasion. However now as I'm out of the house for around 12 hours a day if not longer for five days a week I've found that it does last a lot longer than other foundations which I've tried and is still pretty much intact when I return home.

I also needed a new face powder, although I wasn't planning on spending quite this much on one, I think anything over £10 for a face powder is a lot for what it is but seen as it was 3 for 2 I thought I'd treat myself. And this Revlon Photo Ready Face Powder is definitely worth it, you also get a little brush with it which although I don't use it with this I'm sure it'll come in handy (I use the Real Techniques Powder brush - which is amazing and so soft) and this powder also makes me skin feel so soft and is really good at setting the foundation.

Lastly I decided to purchase the Revlon Lash Potion Mascara, another item that was on my 2015 beauty wishlist post. I love this mascara. I've never tried a Revlon mascara before so I wasn't too sure how it would compare to the previous mascara's I've tried but I really like using it and it makes my eye lashes look so much longer.

Have you tried any of these products?

Abigail x

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pinterest Post #9 - Make-up Tutorials

Learning how to create a new make-up look or improve on something within how I apply my make-up is something I love to learn. Whether I've seen a fellow blogger, celeb or friend try something new or which I haven't seen before I want to know how to create that look too. Pinterest is often where I like to go for this, so today's post is all about make-up tutorials on pinterest. You can have a browse of the make-up tutorials that I've pinned here and my top five below!

Red/Grey look for blue eyes - I'm not quite sure what occasion or where I'd wear this look to. But, I LOVE it. The white, black, grey and especially the red stand out so much and seem to work really well with blue eyes. Now I just need an excuse to wear my make-up like this!

Contouring and highlighting - Contouring and highlighting is something that I rarely do. Mostly because on a day-to-day basis of having about twenty minutes to get ready from jumping out of bed to leaving the house for work, I really don't have time. But also I'm not entirely sure I currently have the best products for it, I'd quite like to try it with a different bronzer as the ones I currently own seem to be a bit too shimmery.

The perfect lined lips - I've only recently started to use lip liners, I'm usually straight on with the lip stick but I've started to realise what a difference it can make.

How to make your lipstick last - Now when it comes to making your lipstick last, I've heard of people putting tissue between their lips or dabbing it on them before applying the next coat, but I've never seen it done with a brush before and I think it looks like quite an interesting technique. I am yet to try it for myself though!

Eyeshadow for hooded eyes - I really like the shades of grey used in this look and how they gradually get darker towards the outside, which although it could work with anyone I think it looks great with someone like myself who has hooded eyes and creates an almost shadow like effect.

What are some of your favourite make-up looks?

Abigail x

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

With a week until Mother's Day, have you bought a gift yet or still looking for some inspiration? This year I've been organised and bought my gifts in advance but that's not always the case. So for the last minute buyers out there I thought I'd put together a little collection of ideas of gifts you could give to your mother this mother's day.

Yankee Candles Gift Set - It's now become the time of year where the christmas and wintery scents are fading away and the floral spring/summer scents are beginning to make an appearance. This excites me (especially as I'm sitting with sun beaming in on me whilst I'm writing this) as this set contains three Spring scented candles, those being Cassis, Aloe water and Honey blossom. These sound like perfect scents for this time of year and look at how pretty the candle holder is which comes with the set!

Marks and Spencer's Flowers - You can't go wrong with some flowers on Mother's Day, especially as a last minute gift. Marks and Spencer's seem to be doing the perfect range for Mother's Day too.

 George Hare Cushion - I don't know about you (and your mother's, of course) but I'm all about the homeware section in ANY store. If you're giving your mother a lazy mother's day why not give her a cushion or throw to snuggle up with and stick a good film on!

 Cath Kidston Tea Cup Set - Cath Kidston are known for such pretty pieces and when I spotted this tea cup on their website I thought it'd be a perfect gift to take your mum a cuppa in bed this Mother's Day.

Thornton's Chocolates - I don't know many people (if anyone) that aren't a fan of Thornton's chocolates and I love the fact that you get to personalise the gifts you buy from them. You can write a message to them which they can then eat - all chocolate lovers dream, right?

Lush 'love you mum' Gift Set - All of you bloggers out there have probably been into a lush to smell these beauty's they've brought out for Mother's Day (I know I have) or at least seen other bloggers talk about them online. I think this is one of my favourites in this gift guide, within the set you get the 'love you mum' soap, the 'helping hands' hand cream and last but not least the 'secret garden' bath bomb which I've heard great things about! I knew if it was myself receiving this I'd be straight in the bath with that bath bomb!

Abigail x

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pinterest Post #8 - Spring

Now that it's March I'm looking forward to Spring so much. I think the majority of us are all done with winter for now and want sunny days and flowers, right? I've even found a website which counts down the days until Spring and has lots of pretty pictures of it here. So for today's post I thought I'd just share with you a few images from my spring pinterest board.

This beautiful display of flowers is such a nice idea for centre pieces or just to brighten up your room in spring. These flowers in wellies are such a good idea, especially if you have children that are forever changing their shoe size. Flowers in tea cups are another way to brighten up your home with flowers this Spring, especially if you love tea and tea cups as much as I do! I can also imagine myself on this garden swing enjoying some cold spring drinks, I love making juices, smoothies and milkshakes but I don't think it ever quite feels the same unless it's Spring/Summer so I'm hoping to start making more of these again soon.

What are you looking forward to doing this spring?

Abigail x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ikea Wishlist

I can't quite it's March already! On the plus side I guess it means we can look forward to warm weather, right? So with a new month, as always here is a new wishlist. This months wishlist is all about Ikea! Believe it or not I've never actually been to an Ikea, I guess I've never really needed to and never had one close to me, but apparently I need to go to one, especially with being an interior design student. I know there's a lot of great storage and furniture in Ikea too but for this post I thought I'd stick to the smaller accessories which I'm now lusting over!

My favourites are the rug, purple glass, vase and the london picture, I can imagine that rug being super soft, and I've seen the vase used by many bloggers to hold their make-up brushes which is such a good idea! What are your favourite?

Abigail x