Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Pinterest Post #7 - Arts & Crafts

I've always been into my arts and crafts from a young age and now I'm studying Interior Design at university whilst creating a scrapbook of my photography, making candles and baking in my spare time. I think it's fair to say that I'm still very much into them. So I've picked my top 5 things to make from my Arts & Crafts board to show you below.

D.I.Y Chalkboards - This is such a great idea, using an old mirror of photo frame and painting it then inserting a chalkboard into the middle (I know you can even buy chalk board paint or paper if you don't have an actual chalkboard).

Sock Monkey - I think this would make such a good gift if you wanted to hand make something - and it looks a tad better than the sock puppets Phoebe made in friends, right? 

D.I.Y Book Covers - I don't know about you but buying pretty stationary and notebooks always motivates me to use them a lot more than the plain boring ones, so how about buying a cheap plain notebook and covering the front in your own fabric?

Hot Chocolate Spoons - I've seen these in shops quite a lot recently but I never thought they were worth the money when you can buy a whole tub of hot chocolate for a similar price or even cheaper. So I'm going to keep this idea on my to-do list and see how they turn out making my own.

Tea-Cup Candles - I think I might have mentioned this in one of my previous posts but a new hobby I've taken up this year is making candles. It was actually after I'd seen these tea-cup candles and although I haven't made any in tea-cups as of yet, I do plan on doing it soon and they would also make great gifts!

Let me know if any of you decide to re-create these ideas, you can find me on twitter @AbigailsWorld94.

Abigail x

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