Sunday, 8 February 2015

MUA Haul and Swatches

So last week I popped into Superdrug to see if they had the much talked about Make-up Revolution Chocolate palette, they didn't and naturally I ended up purchasing five MUA products instead. I mean, what can you do? In my defense I did need a new eyeliner and concealer, and with MUA being such good quality for such a small price - you can't really blame me! I managed to get all of these items for a mere £6!

First up are these two lipsticks which cost only £1 each! And I think they are actually some of my favourites, dare I say it even better than the Rimmel Kate lipsticks? I'd purchased an MUA lipstick a few years ago so I knew they'd be fab, what I wasn't aware of was that they also have matte lipsticks, and when I saw this wintery shade I had to buy it! The two that I purchased above are, Nectar (link here) which I'm looking forward to wearing in the spring/summer and Wild Berry (link here).

So although I did head into Superdrug for an eye-shadow palette, originally, I did actually need to buy a new concealer and eyeliner. When it comes to liquid eyeliner my favourite form to use is in this kind of felt tip/pen, however I usually end up paying around £7 for one at least! This fine tipped "Extreme Felt Eyeliner" was only £2! And look at just how fine the line is, definitely a bargain! This concealer is a new product by MUA (link here) and retails at just £3, when I popped into Superdrug it was however on offer as FREE when you spent at least £6, as I did. This is a highlighting concealer, one that you'd use under your eyes rather than on blemishes and it also has a little bit of glitter in it, which I can't say I'm too keen on but as you can see when it's blended in it's barely noticeable so I'll have to let you know how I get on with this product.

And saving the best until last is this MUA Twelfth Night Eye-Shadow Palette. Although I think I'll still buy the Make-up Revolution Chocolate Palette which I was looking for in Superdrug I think this palette is absolutely gorgeous. There are so many colours to choose from, in this palette the purple and greys stood out the most to me and for the price of this palette you really can not go wrong! Originally £4 now on offer for £2 I think you all need this in your lives.

My favourites to use from this palette so far have been 'Ice', 'Frost' and 'Plum' which I used to create one look. I am looking forward to trying out the more metallic and shimmery shades such as 'Myrrh' and 'Oudh', and for a more neutral day time look 'Fir' and 'Hush' could create a lovely look.

I think 'Hush' could even be used as a highlighter on the brow bone, and although 'Plum' doesn't swatch as brightly as it is shown in the palette I still think it's a lovely colour, especially at this time of the year.

'Oudh', 'Frost' and 'Myrrh' are definitely the three shades to use if you want something brighter and metallic whereas I think 'Fir' and 'Coal' will be used a lot more from day-to-day.

What are your favourite MUA products?

Abigail x

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  1. MUA do such good products and they're so cheap! These look gorgeous, love your photos. X


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