Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cute Duvet Covers

I've been really into homeware sections of stores lately, to be honest, I always have! I love looking at cushions, candles and accessories for the home. Having quite small bedrooms both at home and away at university my bed (as in most bedrooms) takes up the most space and is the centre point of the room. I love adding throws and cushions to decorate it (we all love a comfy cushion, right?) which made me realise I tend to have quite plain duvet covers, so for today's post I thought I'd share with you some (not so plain) duvet covers which I've been lusting over recently.

NextDesigners Guild Mokuren Duvet Cover - I love the mixture of both monotones and bright colours in this duvet cover, it seems perfect for Spring, especially with the cute flowers.

John Lewis - Logan Blue Duvet CoverAlthough this duvet seems quite plain still, I am a fan of the nautical/blue stripes which this duvet reminds me of, and I think it'd be nice for if you were looking for a unisex duvet cover.

MatalanToile Print Reversible Duvet Cover - I think this duvet cover has a bit of a vintage feel to it, and I really like how it's reversible too! I think it'd look great in a crisp white bedroom and you wanted to add a little bit of colour!

Yorkshire Linen Co.Hounds Red Duvet Cover - You're either a dog person or a cat person and I'm definitely all for the dogs! I love the print of the dogs on this duvet cover, and with the white background it would fit in well with most bedroom designs.

DebenhamsMulti-coloured floral print 'Bliss' duvet cover - The bright florals on this duvet cover really stand out to me, I'd love waking up under this in the Spring/Summer months.

Which one's are your favourite?

Abigail x

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