Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Pinterest Post #3 - Nails

Nail art and just generally painting my nails is something that I've always been into even from quite an early age. I remember having a little children's set of stick on nails and nail varnish with a little section to add glitter and what not. So in today's pinterest post I thought I'd share with you five of my favourite designs and looks from my Nails board.

OPI - You Don't Know Jacques Matte - Matte nails have been quite popular for a while now and I think they're still increasing in popularity. I'm still yet to try a matte nail polish however but I really like the look of this one, I think the neutral tonnes go well with the matte finish, and because I haven't used one before I think it'll be a better first try than the glossier brighter looks that I'm use to from blues to reds.

Black with Gold Stripes - I've seen this nail art technique quite a lot and really want to try it! This was done by painting the whole nail with the glitter/gold nail polish and when dry you cover the nail with tape which you want to keep this colour, and then paint your nails over the top in black. Then when this is dry you can peel off the tape and you'll have this look!

Scrabble Nails - I've never seen these before - I remember when the scrabble rings and necklaces were popular not too long ago and loved them, these remind me of them but even better! I'm not sure how they painted them so neatly so I'd never be able to re-create this but it's definitely my favourite from these top 5.

Florals - After all of the cold cold weather and snow we've had lately - I love snow, but not so much when I have to travel to work in it, I am SO ready for Spring. And this nail art reminds me of exactly that. Spring/Summer nails are all about the pretty flowers and I love this blue background too. I even think I might just be able to re-create these ones (I'll let you know).

Polka Dots - Polka dots are great for all year round but with this pastel mint green as the background it reminded me of Spring again and I seem to be in that frame of mind lately! I like creating this look myself and one of my favourite colour combinations is grey and white.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite nail polishes and designs have been recently

Abigail x


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