Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pinterest Post #2 - Fashion

So here, as promised is the first of the pinterest board posts! This week I've chosen to focus on fashion, I think fashion must be one of the most popular things searched for on pinterest (second to food most probably) and it's filled with so much inspiration for all times of the year and there's something for everyone's style. You can see what else is on my fashion board here, whilst I've chosen five of my favourites to show you below.

White Shirt and Blue Jeans - Such a simple look but I love wearing shirts and this outfit has made me want a really crisp white shirt that I could wear to work with black skinny jeans.

Jumper and Collar - As I just mentioned I love wearing shirts, at the minute I can't get enough of pairing them with jumpers, the polka dot blue on the white shirt really stands out even with a jumper, and look at how cute that broach is too!

Leopard Print Blouse and Black Skinny Jeans - This outfit reminds me of summer and I 'm already looking forward to being able to dress in nice smart clothes for work and not need to lug around a big coat and scarf with me.

Tutu Skirt - This skirt is so cute, I have no idea what occasion I'd wear it for or what with but we can all still dream of wearing pretty tutus everyday can't we?

Monochrome Dog-Tooth Dress and Red Coat - My next coat needs to be a nice long red coat. I think this can brighten up any winter, especially the dull English ones we seem to have.

What's your fashion inspiration at the moment?

Abigail x

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