Sunday, 1 February 2015

H&M Homeware Wishlist

Today is the 1st February, the start of another month! This past month has gone so fast, it only feels like only last week that I was buying Christmas presents. But as you know a new month means a whole new wish list - and this months is all about h&ms homeware section. I knew that h&m had a homeware section but I wasn't aware of how much it had grown lately until a friend of mine mentioned it and I had to check it out, as soon as I did I was bookmarking my favourite pieces ready to write this post!

Tea Cup Tea Towel - If you know how much I love drinking tea (it's slowly become a daily necessity) then you'll know why I like this tea towel so much, and look how cute those little teacups are!

Ceramic Jar with Bird - Storage jars like these come in handy so much, I have some that I'll use to keep in things such as teabags (I mean, what else?) or even in my room, you could even keep some make-up or something that you like to collect in it. I also like how the pastel colour also looks quite worn and vintage and of course the little bird handle on the lid.

Storage Basket - Clearly I'm a bit of a storage geek, two storage items in a row but this could come in handy for if like me you live in student accommodation and don't have too much furniture in your room, I have to keep some things together piled on top such as duvet covers and towels so I think this would be great to keep some of these in to keep them separate and more organised.

Floral Towel - This towel is so pretty, much more than the plain ones I currently own.

Moss-Knit Blanket - I really like the neutral colour of this blanket and the fabric and texture looks so soft and very different to the fleece style blankets I currently have in my room, it also looks like a very grown-up blanket too (I'm not even sure what I mean by that myself).

Bird Candles - Over Christmas I started a new little hobby of making my own candles (maybe a post coming soon?) and these bird shapes are so pretty, I want to be able to make some like these one day!

Tea Light Holders - Again, with my little recent candle obsession these would fit in so well with my room. And I also really love the rose gold finish on the inside of the holders.

Fleur Cushion Cover - I'm also a little bit of cushion collector, they're just so comfy and you can just throw them onto your bed anyhow and they'll look fab! I even still have a very old Busted cushion (the band) that must be about 10 years old!

Rabbit Paper Plates & Rabbit Paper Cups - My favourite animals are rabbit and anything with rabbits on I just, well, need really. Well, I don't but they're so cute aren't they?!

What do you think of h&m's homeware collection?

Abigail x


  1. H & M Home Department is such a dangerous place. I could spend a fortune on stuff!

    The Crown Wings

  2. I'm obsessed with H&M homeware bits at the moment! They're super affordable and I love your top picks here :)

    Style Sunrise ☀



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