Sunday, 7 September 2014

Home Interior Inspiration #1

Moving into a new student house has got me thinking about different layouts and things I can do with my new room (maybe it's just because I'm an interior design student) so I decided to have a look on pinterest for some inspiration and whilst I was at it I decided to write this post on some of my favourite finds! So, enjoy....

1. Fire - Who doesn't love a cosy fire?

2. Bricks - I like the look of these bricks and they could simply be used to brighten up your room!

3. Hanging chair - I think this would be great to read in or even blog in.

4. Hush pod - Imagine coming home from work/uni/school etc. to have an afternoon nap in this cosy pod!!

5. Fairy lights jar - I actually did this last year in my room and it looked so pretty.

6. Floral timber - This pattern would look cute on some timber shelves or maybe as floor boards if you really love your floral prints.

7. Shower - Is it just me that thinks this shower looks like so much fun? You'd be squeaky clean pretty quickly.

Abigail x


  1. Love the fairy lights jar, its a great idea :)

  2. Really pretty :) I was lucky enough to have a (no longer working) fireplace in my university bedroom last year, it made my room look and feel so homely!
    Jennifer x

    1. I have one in my room this year and I love it! :) x


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