Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Seen as I haven't posted anything on my blog all month I thought I'd give you a little explanation as to why I haven't. I've recently started my work placement which is part of my four year course at uni. I started at the beginning of this month and although I'm enjoying every second of it, I'm not having enough time to write or upload any posts for you all (hence why I'm writing this post in my memos on the train home at the moment).

Not only this but I have also had some personal problems going on in my life at the moment (which I won't go into) but I guess I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be back on track with regular posts shortly. I attempted to write some the other day but didn't feel like they were to the standard they could have been so I wanted to wait and post them when they've been written properly. Hopefully I'll find some time this bank holiday weekend to finish writing up and posting some of my saved drafts!

And finally some good news to end on (drum roll please...) It's coming up to my ONE YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY! So don't forget to look out for a special giveaway soon which should be starting on the 31st August!

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Abigail x

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