Friday, 27 June 2014

Product Empties #2

This is my second product empties post and there are quite a few more products than the first post that I've managed to accumulate (despite forgetting to save some of the bottle now and again, oops) and I've also given you a quick review on how I found each of the products, so, enjoy...

Hair: Herbal Essences Ignite my Colour Shampoo - I went through a phase of trying different shampoos to see which one worked the best for me, although I did like this one I'm now back to and sticking to vo5.
Avon's Superfruit Souffle - This smells so nice and I don't think Avon stock it anymore but I have to say it was one of my favourite conditioner's ever!
Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter - I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this product. Before I purchased it I'd read mixed reviews, some saying that it made their hair knotty which I didn't think was possible until the first (and second) time of using it it did the same to me! I then gave it another try and since then it was fine and it smells good too.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - I love this product. I remember when it first came out a few months back and after seeing some before and after photos I knew I really needed this, I can't believe how well it works and I can't wait to use it again once I re-purchase it!

Face: Botanics All Bright Purifying Face Scrub - This is a product that although I liked at first I thought it was a bit too harsh as a face scrub compared to some others that I've been so I don't think I'd buy this again.
Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask - Although this is only a sample it lasted me quite a while and now that I've had a chance to try it I know how much I like it (just as I thought I would) and now I can allow myself to at some point pay for the full-size version.

Body: Avon Senses Winter Delight Shower Gel, Wilko Sweet Shower Smoothie and Grace Cole Eastern Spa Body Wash. As they're all shower gels/body washes there isn't too much I can say about these three except that they all smell so good although they're all different. The winter delight smells particularly amazing and it gets me in the mood for Christmas!

Other: Charlie Pink Body Spray - One of my favourite body sprays for almost ten years now, just smells amazing, I'm not surprised it's still being made!
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara - If you want long lashes rather than volume this is a great mascara and Rimmel is a great brand to go to for mascara's too.

Have you tried or want to try any of these products?

Abigail x


  1. Oooh! I didn't know they did a volume 3 minute miracle! I will defo be buying this! xx

    1. It's so good, I need to re-purchase it still! xx


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