Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review: '2sides2me' (includes MAC giveaway)

'2sides2me' is a new and upcoming app (available on both the appstore and google play) aimed at all fashion and beauty lovers. 

The concept is to upload two pictures at the same time which I think works well being aimed at beauty and fashion lovers in two ways the most. Those being 'before and after' posts which are ideal to show before and after make-up selfies which are often seen in blog posts and the other popular way is to show two different pictures whether that be of outfits or hairstyles etc. to get opinions on which one they prefer or suits you most. Another way to use this two picture app can be to show part of the out fit far away and then close up or vice versa.

Here is what you're profile looks like, this is my profile so feel free to follow me 'abbie8694' is my username. It is very similar to the instagram profile page I think as you have your profile picture, your username and a 'bio' to write a bit about yourself. You then have 3 icons which show the number of posts and followers you have and how many you are following with the option to edit your profile underneath.

This first image (on the left) shows an example of what you can post, this is one of my posts. Your description of the image comes across it where I have simply said 'illasmasqua' and this is the before image which it shows before you hold it down to reveal the after image. And if you want to see the 'after' image which I posted you can download the app and follow me to reveal it! Below the image you can see the amount of likes and comments your post has. The arrow which points upwards, when clicked shows the menu which you can see from the second image (on the right) there are five options to choose from. The home page shows a dash board / news feed of the recent posts from the people you follow and the profile I have shown above.

The explore button has two different options, you can either see the latest posts by everyone from clicking the 'latest' tab at the top or you can see the 'top 10 users' by clicking the other tab at the top.

From camera not only can you take photos directly from the app but you can also go into your photo gallery and wherever else to select photos you have already to taken to use in a post.

By clicking the 'activity' icon at the bottom under the arrow you can see the activity of the people you follow such as photos the people you follow have liked or commented on and people they have followed which enables you to find more people you may like to follow. You also have the option of looking at your own activity where you can see the latest comments, likes and follows on your own photos and account.

Don't forget to go ahead and download the app (links at the top of this page) where you can then enter the competition to win MAC's Angel Lipstick and Gloss. The contest is running from now until the 20th April so hurry if you want to get your hands on it! Just post a picture and don't forget to hashtag #beforeafterpics.

Let me know if you decide to download and give me a follow @abbie8694

Abigail x

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