Sunday, 2 March 2014

What's in my Bag?

I've been wanting to do the 'What's in my bag?' post for a while now and recently I've seen quite a few of these posts so I finally made time to sort through my bag and take the photo's. I always find these posts aren't as fun as they are on YouTube when they find things they forgot they had or were surprised to find in their bags, but nevertheless I hope you enjoy this post despite not including the pile of receipts I found...

Here's my bag, it's the structured tab bag from Accessorize which I did a review on a while back which you can read here

First up are the main things in my bag which are my River Island purse, I'd wanted one of these for a while and finally I was given this one for Christmas which I love. I also have my diary which I take to uni every day to write down any important dates and notes and also my pencil case which I also use for uni.

I also carry with me some gloves and an umbrella for the lovely British weather we have here. Alongside a mini hairbrush, body spray, hand sanitizer, The Snowman tissues, ibuprofen and two hand creams although I'm not sure why there's two

This small mirror in it's trinket bag comes in handy a lot as well as the Vaseline, although lately I've been thinking about using a different lip balm so if you have any favourites/recommendations let me know!

In one of the inside pockets I keep my University student card, some of my current favourite lip products (Rimmel's Kate lipstick in 107 and a Collection 2000 lip stain) and a pen and some airwaves.

And lastly in the zipped inside pocket I keep quite a few random things, another lip product (this time a Ted Baker lip crayon which I love), a couple of pens, headphones and soothers, energy sweets/tablets and a random lonely vimto chewy and an almost empty bar of chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed reading this 'What's in my bag' post, I've now realised myself how many random things I keep in there!

Abigail x


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