Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Collar and Jumper Combo

Being a full-time student I'm often picking out different outfits to wear each day. Sometimes there are those lazy days but when I do actually make an effort to dress nicely for uni I've come to realise that wearing shirts or blouses underneath jumpers are one of my favourite things to wear. Here are two of these outfits which I've worn lately...

This is an ASOS shirt with a Topshop jumper, I love the detail of the zip in the collar and the bright jumper which also has the hints of white in it.

This outfit is one of my favourites and I managed to get both the jumper and blouse and even the necklace from Primark. I love the colour of the shirt and the detail on the jumper, which I remember a few years ago I managed to buy in the sale for only £2!

Which one do you prefer?

Abigail x


  1. Love the collar and jumper combo, preferring the second combination though.


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