Monday, 3 February 2014

January Favourites

Now that January is over it's time for all of the first monthly favourites of the year to be posted. For a change, I don't actually think this month has gone too fast to what it usually feels like so let's hope it stays this way! I think out of all of the monthly favourites I've done before, this might be my favourite because I am absolutely loving every single one of these products so much at the moment, even more than usual.

First up, is my first ever Real Techniques brush, this is the 'Expert Face Brush' and believe me it is amazing! Looking back now I can't believe I just use to apply my foundation with my fingers before, I can't even describe how good it is (not very helpful, I know) but it makes my foundation spread much more evenly and looks quite... professional (if I do say so myself) so I highly recommend it and need to stop eyeing up the rest of the Real Technique's brushes that I want to purchase!

A perfume which I put on a wish list way back when I first started my blog was the new Killer Queen perfume by Katy Perry. I already had Meow and for Christmas I was lucky enough to not only get Purr (the first of Katy's perfumes) but also this Killer Queen perfume set which does include the shower gel too but I'm using up some others before I try that out. It has been my 'go to' perfume this month and every time I step out of the shower I just have to use this body lotion, it just smells so good!

As you may have seen in my recent Beauty Haul, I purchased the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. It has a lot more coverage than the foundation which I was previously using so I only tend to use it if I'm going out somewhere and some days at uni (depending if I'm in a hurry to get ready or not). I use it with the real techniques expert face brush which I mentioned earlier and hopefully soon I'll get a review up about this foundation!

These two Ted Baker lip crayons (which you can read more about here) were part of a gift set and I don't think they are sold individually which is quite sad because they are such great colours and formulas. At first I was using the darker plum coloured one and I didn't wear the pink one for a while until I finally tried it out (I didn't think it would suit me at first) but I really like it and now I'm usually wearing one of these during the day and carrying it around in my bag, I just love them!

I hope you enjoyed reading my monthly favourites, what have been your January favourites?

Abigail x


  1. I bought that real techniques brush yesterday and used it this morning, it's amazing! I have the core collection as well and the brushes are all amazing, such good quality for the affordable price x


    1. They are really good quality! I knew they were supposed to be good but I never realised how amazing they are :) x

  2. Defo a real techniques fan myself- you should try the stippling brush! It's lovelyyyy. Also- I really want Killer Queen and after reading your post, I want it even more! Ha The bottle looks lovely.



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