Thursday, 20 February 2014

Blogger's Meet Up

After having a week off uni and spending it at home last week, I have come back to what seems a very busy schedule. This week I've had barely any time to sit down and write a post (staying in uni doing work until midnight last night being one of the reasons).

If you didn't already know (or guessed by the title of this post) I went to a blogger's meet up on Monday evening in Manchester, organised by Georgie a.k.a fairygobmother. It was a wonderful night and I'm very glad I decided to go as I'd never been to one before and any others that I go to now have a very good standard to beat!

The atmosphere was lovely, upstairs in a small bar I got to meet many new blogger's who I wasn't aware of before, as well as the one's who write some of the blogs I love to read. Throughout the evening we played some games of a mini 'play your cards right', got to know each other whilst having a few drinks and also took part in a raffle where the money went to a local animal charity. Georgie also organised a magician to come to the meet up (you can find him here). I still can't work out how some of the things he did were even possible but it was amazing nevertheless!

As the event came to an end we were all also given a goody bag! This was filled with so many lovely things such as the Lush products above, Diptyque body lotion and shampoo, Schwarzkopf hair spray and another bag of samples from many different brands.

Thank you again to Georgie for organising such an amazing event, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend that any of you go to a blogger's meet up if you can!

Abigail x

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