Saturday, 22 February 2014

Primark Haul

The past couple of times I've been into Primark I've actually seen quite a few things I like. So, without spending too much (which is easier than it sounds in Primark) I thought I'd treat myself and buy a few bits and pieces.

The first thing that really caught my eye (and was also the reason why I went back) was this blouse which was £9. I've started to have a thing for collars lately and I also really like the neutral colour. I think it can be worn in a work environment as well as being dressed down with some jeans and a jumper.

This top was in the sale for £3 down from £7 which I think is an absolute bargain. I wore this for the first time the other day with leggings, a black string top underneath it and a long cardigan and I was really impressed with it, I can't believe how cheap I managed to get it for.

Lastly are some cute Barbie socks which I really like, (I'm all for fun socks) and this gold and mint green statement necklace. These necklaces also look really good with a nice collar and jumper and I think they can make a whole outfit look so much better.

Have you picked anything nice up from Primark lately?

Abigail x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Blogger's Meet Up

After having a week off uni and spending it at home last week, I have come back to what seems a very busy schedule. This week I've had barely any time to sit down and write a post (staying in uni doing work until midnight last night being one of the reasons).

If you didn't already know (or guessed by the title of this post) I went to a blogger's meet up on Monday evening in Manchester, organised by Georgie a.k.a fairygobmother. It was a wonderful night and I'm very glad I decided to go as I'd never been to one before and any others that I go to now have a very good standard to beat!

The atmosphere was lovely, upstairs in a small bar I got to meet many new blogger's who I wasn't aware of before, as well as the one's who write some of the blogs I love to read. Throughout the evening we played some games of a mini 'play your cards right', got to know each other whilst having a few drinks and also took part in a raffle where the money went to a local animal charity. Georgie also organised a magician to come to the meet up (you can find him here). I still can't work out how some of the things he did were even possible but it was amazing nevertheless!

As the event came to an end we were all also given a goody bag! This was filled with so many lovely things such as the Lush products above, Diptyque body lotion and shampoo, Schwarzkopf hair spray and another bag of samples from many different brands.

Thank you again to Georgie for organising such an amazing event, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend that any of you go to a blogger's meet up if you can!

Abigail x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mini Lush Haul

 Yesterday I went to Lincoln for a little day out and whilst I was there I just had to pop into Lush for a few things. I don't have a Lush store near me at home or when I'm at uni so that's my little excuse for having a small spend!

These are the two little beauty's that I purchased. On the left is the Dragon's Egg bath bomb which was £3.25 and on the right is the Creamy Candy bubble bar which was £2.50. I picked up the Dragon's Egg bath bomb first and wasn't sure which one to get, I was going to get the space girl bath bomb but I'd already tried that one before and wanted a change. This one stood out to me in particular because of the colourful pieces of confetti (rice paper confetti/'dragon scales') it is filled with and then when I picked it up, the smell. "Its scent is reminiscent of lemon sherbet, with a hint of jasmine, leaving you feeling great and ready for a good day" says Lush. It smelt so fruity and the fact that includes popping candy (what more can you ask for?!) inspired by the Dragon's Egg firework cake, I just had to buy it. The Creamy Candy bubble bar is another product which I am yet to try, it has "a nourishing, creamy candy-scented bubble bar with added cocoa butter for soft skin" according to Lush so I can't wait to use this and it also smells of candy floss!

I'm hoping to get to try both of these out sometime before I head back to uni this weekend so keep an eye out for them on my Twitter here and my Instagram here.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite Lush products?

Abigail x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Nougat London Bath Truffles

Being home from uni has many benefits, one of those benefits being... baths. Everyone loves a Lush bath bomb but as I recently received one from another brand in the Beauty Box Swap that I did with Tania (read more about that here) I thought I'd give this one a go!

This Nougat London 'bath truffle' in peony is available here for £3.00, which could be seen as a little bit expensive for the size that you're getting compared to the big Lush bath bombs but you do get the nice little trinket bag too. As soon as I smelt this I knew it was going to be nice to use and I couldn't wait to be around a bath again to use it.

I did think from these crystals you can see in the photos (above) that they'd be the kind to sink to the bottom of your bath and not dissolve at all. However, this wasn't the case as every last part dissolved and left a silky smooth feel to the water. The smell of the bath bomb wasn't as noticeable once it had dissolved which I think I'll be putting down to the size of it although some of you might prefer a weaker scent anyway.

You can just about see the bubbles it created when I first put it into the bath from the photo above (sorry about the quality, I was using my phone) and it didn't really make much of a change to the colour or look of the water at all which doesn't really bother me although I did have to add a little bit of body wash to the bath just to give it a few bubbles (bubble baths were always the best)! One thing that this 'bath truffle' does do noticeably well however, is make your skin feel a lot better. Now, I'm not one who is too bothered about oily baths, I know some people love them and some hate them but this is where I tend to sit on the line between the two. This does create quite a lot of oil for it's size I thought (but maybe that's because I haven't really used an oily based bath bomb for a while) and when you get out and moisturize etc. I really did feel the difference, my skin felt so soft! I'm now thinking of purchasing some more of these for when I come home next, maybe in some other scents too.

What are your favourite bath bombs to use?

Abigail x

Friday, 7 February 2014

February Wishlist

February's wish list is honestly one of my favourites that I've posted so far! If I wasn't such a poor student I'd have to buy every one of these items (although the Tanya Burr nails are already out of stock) but until get rich I'll just have to lust over these items from the computer screen. Enjoy...

1. Topshop rabbit t-shirt - £15
 2. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer (Big Bang) - £4.99
3. Real Techniques Blusher Brush - £9.99
4. Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask - £22
5. Tanya Burr nail polishes (Little Duck, Mischief Managed and Penguin Chic) - £5.99
6. ASOS/Warehouse trousers - £45
7. ASOS top - £10.50 (sale)
8. ALDO Boots - £37.49 (sale)

What's on your current wish list?

Abigail x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Beauty Box Swap with Tania

At the beginning of the year Tania and I both tweeted that we'd like to do a Beauty Box Swap. I replied to her tweet and before you know it we were planning on how much to spend, what sorts of things to buy and how long we should have before we post them to each other. We decided on a price range of £15-£20 and to have the box posted during the last week of January which we both managed to do!

I was so excited to see the box when it came as I knew it was going to be this, (I only went to take some rubbish out) and I rushed back in to open it and see what lovely things were inside! Tania also sent a nice little note as well as notes on each little present too! So, on with some photo's of the box swap...

The box came filled with some lovely boxes and a gift bag with the items wrapped in some colourful tissue paper. The first one that I opened was the the polka dot gift bag.

Inside I found an Essie nail polish in 'All Tied Up'. I'm wearing this nail polish right now and I really like it, so keep your eyes peeled for a post on this very soon! Next up was this bath bomb which smells so so so nice that when I picked it up it took me a while to put it back down! I can't wait to try it out and then I might even need to buy some more. And last but not least from this gift bag were three candles which also smell amazing (as you can tell I really do like my scents) but I am yet to try these out too.

Next up in this box is a Calvin Klein eye shadow and a Collection 2000 lip stain which both actually match perfectly when I tried them out! I might do a FOTD using them both to show you what they're like soon. There was also this metallic silver/gold bracelet with diamante's which I love. 

And in the final box were these three Grace Cole products. A body wash, body lotion and hand and nail lotion, which also smell really nice. Tanya has also asked me to do a review on these which I will when I get around to testing these out, I already have a larger Grace Cole set of hand wash and hand lotion which I got for Christmas so I'm sure these will be just as nice to use.

You can see Tania's post on what I sent her in our box swap here. I'd also just like to say thank you again to Tanya for doing this box swap with me, I've really enjoyed it and loved picking out the items!

Have you done a box swap before or anything similar?

Abigail x

Monday, 3 February 2014

January Favourites

Now that January is over it's time for all of the first monthly favourites of the year to be posted. For a change, I don't actually think this month has gone too fast to what it usually feels like so let's hope it stays this way! I think out of all of the monthly favourites I've done before, this might be my favourite because I am absolutely loving every single one of these products so much at the moment, even more than usual.

First up, is my first ever Real Techniques brush, this is the 'Expert Face Brush' and believe me it is amazing! Looking back now I can't believe I just use to apply my foundation with my fingers before, I can't even describe how good it is (not very helpful, I know) but it makes my foundation spread much more evenly and looks quite... professional (if I do say so myself) so I highly recommend it and need to stop eyeing up the rest of the Real Technique's brushes that I want to purchase!

A perfume which I put on a wish list way back when I first started my blog was the new Killer Queen perfume by Katy Perry. I already had Meow and for Christmas I was lucky enough to not only get Purr (the first of Katy's perfumes) but also this Killer Queen perfume set which does include the shower gel too but I'm using up some others before I try that out. It has been my 'go to' perfume this month and every time I step out of the shower I just have to use this body lotion, it just smells so good!

As you may have seen in my recent Beauty Haul, I purchased the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. It has a lot more coverage than the foundation which I was previously using so I only tend to use it if I'm going out somewhere and some days at uni (depending if I'm in a hurry to get ready or not). I use it with the real techniques expert face brush which I mentioned earlier and hopefully soon I'll get a review up about this foundation!

These two Ted Baker lip crayons (which you can read more about here) were part of a gift set and I don't think they are sold individually which is quite sad because they are such great colours and formulas. At first I was using the darker plum coloured one and I didn't wear the pink one for a while until I finally tried it out (I didn't think it would suit me at first) but I really like it and now I'm usually wearing one of these during the day and carrying it around in my bag, I just love them!

I hope you enjoyed reading my monthly favourites, what have been your January favourites?

Abigail x

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Product Empties

This is the first time I've done a 'Product Empties' post, usually I either switch between so many products that I don't often empty many (hence my current ten body butters/lotions) or just throw the odd few that I do get away. So, for the past month or so I've managed to use up a few products and saved them until I had enough to show you.

Rimmel Match Perfection concealer - This is one of my favourite concealers, although I don't use this for blemishes as it also works as a highlighter and those aren't the areas you want to draw attention to. It is however really good under the eyes for example.

Rimmel 'Scandaleyes' mascara - This is one of the older products from my empties and I have used a couple of others since I last used this one. I wouldn't say it was my favourite mascara but I think it could be compared to the Maybelline Colossal Mascara (which I reviewed here).

I really like both of these foundations although they are quite different. The Wake Me Up Foundation looks a lot better worn in the summer because the shades are slightly darker for when you've been out in the sun, and it also has a shimmer to it which I actually like! The Match Perfect Foundation is however more of an all round good foundation, one which would probably work well for you if you are just starting to get into make-up and are looking for a good foundation too.

The Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body scrub is my absolute all time favourite body scrub! The smell is amazing and it does a really good job at leaving your skin feeling smooth.Instead of repurchasing this one however I have decided to try something a little different which if you check back here regularly, there should be a review up on my new Gadi body scrub.

These two products I have already re-purchased - I love them that much! The L'Oreal Micellar Solution I use to take off my make-up which you can find my review on here. This Vo5 shampoo is quite possibly my favourite shampoo, just lately I've been trying out a few different shampoos to see which works best for me (I'm currently using a herbal essences one) and I've decided to re-purchase this one, being my current favourite!

Let me know if you enjoy reading product empties posts because I've never posted one before.

Abigail x