Friday, 3 January 2014

December/2013 Favourites

Rather than doing an 'end of year' or '2013' favourites I thought I'd stick to doing a monthly December favourites! This is simply because I don't feel that I have any way near enough favourite products of the whole year to talk about or even here with me (being at home on Christmas holidays) because I've left some things which I haven't needed these past couple of weeks at uni. So, here's my December favourites...

First up is the Sunkissed eyeshadow and bronzer which I just think are brilliant, these eyeshadows are also great over the maybelline 24hr tattoo eye shadow in 'permanent taupe'. These are available here

MUA lipstick in shade #13, available from superdrug here. Not only am I doing a review on this soon because it's one of my favourite lipsticks but it's also £1 and I highly recommend it!

For protecting your hair against heat this is the best product that I've found (so far) and it's available here.

I always like to keep a lip balm of some sort in my handbag and recently it's been this one from Vaseline. Available here.

Another favourite of mine from this month (a non-beauty) favourite has to be the show New Girl! I've always seen parts of episodes on e4 before and finally decided to sit down and watch them in order. I really do love it and I'm now onto the second series!

What have been your favourites through December or of 2013?

Abigail x


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