Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ted Baker The Great and the Gorgeous Cosmetic Gift Set

Not too long ago I won the 'Ted Baker, The Great and the Gorgeous Cosmetic Gift Set' (available here) over on Saida's blog. It's a great set for any make-up lover like myself so I thought I'd show you what's inside...

I really like this bronzer, I think it's perfect for this season too!

makeup brushes

shimmer eye cream

super fine liquid eyeliner, great if you prefer a thinner line like myself and also if you like to build it up!

fake eyelashes!

eye shadow glitter!

Two Illuminators!

Two lip crayons

The colours of these lip crayons are so beautiful

Two nail polishes perfect for this season!

This is the perfect gift set and it's now half price in Boots so I'd grab it whilst you can!

Abigail x


  1. I received this for my 20th birthday too. It is such a great gift set and I especially like the liquid eyeliner and the lip crayons :) great review x

  2. I wish we had Boots in the States - this set is awesome! I love the nail polishes and that bronzer!


    1. A post on the nail polishes is coming tomorrow :)


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