Sunday, 3 November 2013

25 things to do before Christmas

Hello Everyone!
Now that it's November I thought it would be an acceptable time to post a '25 things to do before Christmas' post. This is my own personalised list of things that I aim/want to do before the old guy in the red suit comes to visit us.. I probably won't get to do everything that's on this list but I'll sure try!

Sooooo Christmasy - image available here
1. Pass all of my uni work.
2. Finish my CV for my course (it's getting marked over Christmas anyway!).
3. Do some volunteering.
4. Properly start my Christmas Shopping.
5. Watch lots of Christmas films.
6. Get to 60 bloglovin followers.
7. Finally get to 2,000 blogger views.
8. Buy my Christmas cards.
9. Drink some lovely mulled wine.
10. Go to a Christmas market.
11. Do some Christmas baking.
12. To get back into a proper exercise routine and make use of my shake weight again.
13. Have a meal out with my flat mates to decide who has who for 'Secret Santa' this year.
14. Go to a fireworks display (I've never been to one before that isn't in someone's garden).
15. Start to make some contacts with people/companies that could help get me a work placement next year.
16. Make a pre-Christmas dinner with my flat mates before we all go home for Christmas.
17. Go home and help to put up the Christmas decorations and tree.
18. Buy an advent calendar! (I really want the Boots one but a chocolate one is all I'll be able to afford).
19. Go home to celebrate my brother's birthday at the end of November.
20. Start editing some of my work from last year to put in my portfolio.
21. Visit some family when I go home.
22. Take a day out in a city to do some Christmas shopping.
23. Go to a garden center around Christmas (they decorate them so nicely around this time of year and have a lot of gifts and decorations).
24. Go home for Christmas a few days before when I've finished uni for the term!
25. Have a great Christmas with my family and friends from home, celebrating Christmas, my mum's birthday and then after, New Year! *insert excited face here*

Abigail x

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