Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Look Haul

Hello Everyone!

I ordered these online a few weeks ago but I've only just got around to going home (although I'd almost forgotten about them until I got there) and opening it!

Cute socks! Lately I've really had a thing for nice patterned socks and socks (or most things) that include cute little animals. Hedgehog'saztec and tartan.

These grey cable knit leggings (although not actual cable knit, just fleeced with the pattern) are great for this season and I love wearing them already. And you can't have enough jeans! Skinny jeans are the only type of jeans I tend to wear and I always tend to buy them from New Look because of the fit and I get so much wear out of them. Black skinny jeans and blue skinny jeans were the ones I went for this time, to add to my collection of New Look jeans!

I hope you enjoyed this quick haul

Abigail x


  1. Love them socks!! They are so cute :')
    Ava xo http://xovintagewayoflifexo.blogspot.co.uk/


I appreciate every one of your lovely comments, thank you.