Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mini Lush Haul

I was in Birmingham a few days ago and as we were about to pass the Lush store I HAD to go inside. It's not often that I get to visit a Lush store because I don't have a local one at home or at uni but when I do I more often than not have to pick up a couple of things.

Now that the Christmas products have been released, after already reading blog posts on them I already knew which ones I wanted to try. I've seen a few different Christmas bath melts around but the melting snowman looks far too cute to say no to! He smells absolutely amazing, the most christmasy scent you could think of; cinnamon with a hint of orange. I can't wait to use this bath melt although I think I'll be saving him to use at Christmas, it even includes different butters and oils to make your skin ultra soft in the cold winter months.

The Rudolph fresh face mask I added to my October wishlist and now I have it! When I was in store, one of the members of staff tested out this one (and another face mask) out on my hands and this being the one I knew I wanted ended up being the better of the two for me. It left my hand feeling so smooth and now I just can't wait to try it out. Especially as it gets colder and we need to keep our skin feeling fresh! It smells of lavender and also includes cucumber which is used because it is so calming.

This charity pot was offered to me by the guy at the checkout so for only £1 I thought, 'well, go on then'. A little bit of money going to a good cause and you get a tiny sample of a hand and body lotion. To me the scent of this smells quite chocolaty but I didn't know it was for sure until I read that it's actually made up from cocoa butter and almond oil (among many other things of course) and it claims to be organic so what's not to love about this product?!

Do you have any Lush favourites you recommend?

Abigail x


  1. Oh the snowman is adorable! Little Lush obsessed though so I'll be good & avoid my local store :P Really love the Lush pink magic wand & their shampoo bars! How are you finding the mask?
    Lovely haul :D L xo

    1. I almost bought the lush pink magic wand, I might have to get it next time :P I haven't actually got round to trying out the mask yet but when I do I'll most probably write a review so make sure you check back :) and thank you xx

  2. The face mask sounds great! I need to head to LUSH asap :) Great review.



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