Friday, 6 September 2013

University: Round 2

Yesterday I started packing, ready for my second year at university! It's crazy thinking how fast the first year went and that I'm already about to go into my second year (especially when your grades count for something this time around)! 

As I've already moved into my new flat this year I don't need to take anyway near as much stuff as I did last year because you can move that into your new place before you go home for summer (if your tenancy starts before you leave anyway). This year I've bought some new things that I didn't need last year such as a non-slip shower mat and a bathroom mat (last year I had what was more of a wet room en-suite compared to a nice en-suite this year) and a little set of drawers (a girl has way too many soaps/hair products, etc.) I didn't need all this last year but wherever you go it'll differ with what you need to buy.

Since I was packing I thought I'd do a little post on what stuff you might need to take and other uni related things. So, although most people will probably go and buy a lot of cheap things for the kitchen (in most places you need all your pots and pans, cutlery, etc.) like I did... I bought some cheap pans last year but they were horrible and I was glad to get rid of them. All the paint in the inside would come off when I tried to cook anything in them by the end of the year so I've managed to get some much better quality pans for this year, and they're pink! So they'll be standing out from everyone else's -which reminds me of another point- IF one of your pans happens to go missing (like mine did) assume one of your flat mates have hidden it in someone else's cupboard! At least they'll notice within 6 months with pink pans, (unlike last year) I hope!

Anyway, so things that were already included in my student halls in the kitchen last year (other than the microwave, two fridges and freezers but only one oven) were two kettles. Luckily enough some of my flat mates had bought toasters with them so we could use theirs. Everything from pans and baking trays to plates, bowls, cutlery and chopping boards is what you'll most likely have to buy for yourselves.

My bedroom at university last year, without all the poster and pictures up (I also have a much better laptop now before you notice that little thing)

In your bedroom you'll need your bedding and duvet/pillows, personal belongings, coat hangers for your clothes, a bin (they were suppose to have one in my accommodation but never gave me one) and anything else you think you'll need depending on you I guess such as posters! You'll need some form of ID at some point as well (usually) and accommodation/university paperwork, not forgetting everything for your course such as books, notebooks and if you're lucky enough to be doing an art/design related course (like myself) you'll be paying tonnes of money on sketch books, pro markers, layout pads and specific thickness and brands of pencils too (yay).

Another thing about going to University (if your starting this year, or worried for when you do) you probably will miss home for the first few nights but once you meet the people you're living with, if your flat mates are anything like mine you'll have a great time and it'll be the best thing you've ever decided to do! Don't worry, everyone is in the same position. I didn't know anyone at all before going to uni and now I've spoken to at least one person I met there everyday of the summer! I'll leave you with a picture of one of our flat last year, Henry. If you're lucky enough to get a hoover like this in your flat, be sure to come in from a night out and ride it down the corridor with someone pulling the front of it (or even whilst sober).

Henry, keeping me company when I was the last to leave to go home for Christmas

Abigail x


  1. I'm off to uni for my first year soon and i'm so excited but nervous and anxious too! xx

    1. good luck at uni, i hope this post helped you :) xx

  2. i'm about to start my 2nd year too, move in this weekend! :) x


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