Friday, 27 September 2013

Accessorize Structured Tab Bag

Hello Everyone!

As I'm about to start my second year at university I thought I should probably invest in a new bag. Rather than paying £10-£20 for one from somewhere like primark or newlook which I have done many times in the past and only having them a few weeks before I either decide that I don't really like it that much anymore or it breaks.

So, after looking for a bag which met the many needs that I had, I always went back to admiring the Accessorize Structured Tab Bag... so I bought it!
Here it is, I bought it in brown (tan) and it cost £35.00 from Accessorize. I wanted something that had both the detachable strap and the handbag handles, both an inside and an outside pocket, was brown, suitable for university and under £40. This one ticked all the boxes for me and although I haven't officially gone back to uni yet I've still been using it for about two weeks and it's been great!

This front pocket is quite big and opens and closes with a popper button through the golden loop. I thought it would be perfect to keep my diary, small notebooks or any loose pieces of paper in (although i'm currently keeping the detachable strap in there).

There are also inside pockets which are ideal, two are open (including a 'phone' pocket) on one side and there's a bigger, zipped pocket on the other side. These pockets weren't always a necessity but I always like to keep something like a lipstick, Vaseline, small mirror and pens in there so that they're easy to get to when I need them.

I probably wouldn't usually mention much about the strap of a bag but this one has some nice little details I thought I'd show you. The gold parts I think really compliment the colour of the bag and aren't a tacky colour or texture which you can find with some bags. I also really like the buckle which you can use to alter the length of the strap which I've noticed a few satchel style bags also have.

So far so good! This bag has genuinely been the perfect bag, now I just need to test it out further when I'll soon be filling it with all sorts of books and equipment for uni.

Abigail x


  1. Wonderful bag...I like your blog.^^
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    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thanks, I've checked out your blog and followed you :)

  2. The bag is so pretty!
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