Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Week #2

My week in pictures for the second time (sorry it's a day late!) I've had a busy week before starting uni properly for my second year tomorrow so here's what I've been up to...

Ham, red onion and cheese omelette and my homemade banana milkshake.

The amazing, The 1975 I went to see in Leeds on Monday!

Make-up from this week, EOTW.. is that a thing?

Honey lemon tea for my cold, my homemade sausage pasta and a nice sunny view from my flat.

A couple of pictures from HudFest, the first one is Scott Mill's DJ set which was brilliant (although the photo isn't) and the second is Irwin from The Hoosiers from the same night.

Abigail x

Friday, 27 September 2013

Accessorize Structured Tab Bag

Hello Everyone!

As I'm about to start my second year at university I thought I should probably invest in a new bag. Rather than paying £10-£20 for one from somewhere like primark or newlook which I have done many times in the past and only having them a few weeks before I either decide that I don't really like it that much anymore or it breaks.

So, after looking for a bag which met the many needs that I had, I always went back to admiring the Accessorize Structured Tab Bag... so I bought it!
Here it is, I bought it in brown (tan) and it cost £35.00 from Accessorize. I wanted something that had both the detachable strap and the handbag handles, both an inside and an outside pocket, was brown, suitable for university and under £40. This one ticked all the boxes for me and although I haven't officially gone back to uni yet I've still been using it for about two weeks and it's been great!

This front pocket is quite big and opens and closes with a popper button through the golden loop. I thought it would be perfect to keep my diary, small notebooks or any loose pieces of paper in (although i'm currently keeping the detachable strap in there).

There are also inside pockets which are ideal, two are open (including a 'phone' pocket) on one side and there's a bigger, zipped pocket on the other side. These pockets weren't always a necessity but I always like to keep something like a lipstick, Vaseline, small mirror and pens in there so that they're easy to get to when I need them.

I probably wouldn't usually mention much about the strap of a bag but this one has some nice little details I thought I'd show you. The gold parts I think really compliment the colour of the bag and aren't a tacky colour or texture which you can find with some bags. I also really like the buckle which you can use to alter the length of the strap which I've noticed a few satchel style bags also have.

So far so good! This bag has genuinely been the perfect bag, now I just need to test it out further when I'll soon be filling it with all sorts of books and equipment for uni.

Abigail x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A-level textiles exam

As I shared with you my a-level textiles coursework I thought it would be nice to also share with you my exam work that I also did that year. The theme that we were given was 'Combinations and Alliances', I then chose to focus on 'Wild Animals in the Urban Environment' as my topic.

For my primary research I photographed both animals from birds to squirrels and rabbits for the animal side of my project and billboards and graffiti for the urban side. From the images above you can see how I sketched from the photos (and also from secondary resources, the elephant). From the bottom right image you can see how I started testing out different techniques and looking at ways to combine the 'wild animals in the urban environment' from stenciling a bird and squirrel with a graffiti background and also adding stitching and the stitched fabric butterfly.

From these four images above you can see how these samples I have created developed. The bottom left are my favourites as they were some of the earliest ones that I made (and those birds are so cute)! The bottom right is another one of my favourites and was inspired by the work by Donya Coward. From the ideas of these samples and many others, I finally started to come up with some ideas for a final piece, one of my designs is shown in the top right.

My final design and piece! For the exam you are given 12 hours (i think) to create your final piece and although it sounds like a lot for now when you're making all the little details and pieces it really isn't! the 'urban' animals I created from painting in graffiti style onto fabric, cutting them out and stitching them onto the background fabric. I made the bird house from bending and cutting straws to make the squares and triangles, sewing the fabric around them and then stitching them together using a thin decorative wire to create this bird house. I also cut a square out of the front and folded and stitched around it and for the roof used curved cut out pieces of different fabrics and overlapped them to create a tiled efffect. The birds at the back inside were made out of newspaper and cellotape with a beak out of card, I then ripped little pieces of cute napkins up and glued them on top in a paper mache style. The other birds which were my favourite to make were made from using a polystyrene egg as the body and taped newspaper as the head. I then sewed felt on top covering the whole piece and then I added smaller cut up pieces for the detail of the feathers, beads for the eyes, wire feet and pipe cleaner for the beak. Netting was used inside of the 'bird house' too and when everything was glued into place, the bird house was glued onto the fabric that was earlier printed on and then put tightly into a frame.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and that it has inspired you to create something like this.
Have a nice day!

Abigail x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Steal her style - Jennifer Aniston

Hello lovely people!
This style steal shows two of Jennifer Aniston's outfits. I thought I would choose ones which included a jacket/coat now that it's started to get a lot colder than the hot hot hot summer England had for a change.

Blazer - H+M £24.99
Top - Newlook £12.99
Jeans - Abercrombie & Fitch £29.99
Belt - Topshop £18.00
Shoes - Newlook £7.99

Coat - House of Fraser £65.00
Dress - £19.00
Boots - Newlook £74.99

Which one do you prefer?

Abigail x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A-level textiles coursework

Last week I went back to my sixth form college to pick up my textiles work and I didn't realise how much I'd missed it! Although the design had changed and there were new buildings around the memories from when I was there a few years ago with my friends came back to me. This post has nothing to do with beauty/fashion but I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the work I did for my textiles a-level in my second year there.

For my coursework I decided on the theme of 'florals'. I looked up work from different textiles artists/designers (Claire Cole being one of my favourites) and I would write about the work they had done, analysing one or two of their pieces and trying out the same techniques for myself. Also in the early stages I would photograph my theme, in this case flowers to use as my primary resources and also have secondary resources of wallpaper prints, fabrics and images from magazines or online which inspired me and worked from those too.

The more research I did and testing out different techniques the more samples I produced for my sketchbook. These examples (above) show embroidering onto fabric on top of paintings, mono printing and collaging all sorts of ideas together. The first image shows a sample which included creating a flower out of dissolvable fabric, embroidering on top of wallpaper and fabrics and even adding lace and beads.

My final piece (above) from my coursework shows how I have created a wall hanging under the floral theme. I used the ideas I had throughout my sketchbook and combined those ideas together to create this much larger collage. Within this piece I used techniques such as mono printing, collaging fabrics together as a background, cutting out floral wallpapers and embroidering on top of them also creating a collaged effect, embroidery and other techniques too!

I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe I'll create another post on my textiles exam work if you enjoy this sort of post.

Abigail x

Monday, 16 September 2013

My week #1

 Apologies for the lack of posts lately but this weekend I've just moved into my new flat at uni. This post is also late and is my week in photos from Sunday 8th. I'm not sure how often I'll be doing these kind of posts but it won't be every single week, hope you enjoy!
A 1940's event I visited on the weekend.

A few purchases from the week; coconut bath milk from a stall and the Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo and colossal mascara.
Hair cut and my ticket to see the 1975 for the second time this year arrived!
A quick 'uni essentials' shopping trip and my ombre hair dye (done for the third time).

Abigail x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Coconut Bath Milk

Hello everyone!

I've been sucked in yet again to bath products! (what am I going to do when I go back to uni this weekend with no bath?!) This time it's 'coconut bath milk' by 'The Soap Shack'. I'm pretty sure they might only be a little local boutique as I can't find a website for them but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

I'd never really heard of coconut bath milk before although I knew it was something that would be good for you. (The packaging enough was enough to sell me it, how cute is that flower!) As I picked this packet up the lady kindly told me how each part of the product works on doing something different for your body as the instructions also show (below).

This is what the powder inside looks like, basically just powdered milk and oats. I didn't use the whole packet at once, more of 1/3 - 1/2 the packet (always one to make the most of something like this) and as I stirred my bath after pouring it in, it gradually turned into a milky texture with some oats floating around here and there. I did feel quite ill at the thought of having a bath in milk and oats but I've come to realise it was probably just the heat of my bath (I always tend to make them a bit too hot!).
I can't say I've really noticed any difference to my skin since using this although I guess maybe you're not suppose to notice anything and it's just naturally good for you and your skin. I will be using the rest of this up (although I might save it for the times I come back home instead of using it all before I go back to uni) and I recommend this product, or any like it as I've really had a thing for natural and local products lately.

Let me know if you know of anything similar that's out there :)

Abigail x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

REVIEW: Nivea Express Hydration Primer

I'd first heard of this only last week and it sounded so good that I just had to get it the next day! As this is basically a 2-in-1 product as not only a moisturiser it's also a primer, I thought it would be great now that I'll be getting back into the routine of going back to uni and wearing make-up every day through those long lectures and days in uni to help keep my make-up lasting for longer.

I bought this in Boots where it's now on offer for £3.99. Although I bought the 'normal and combination skin' version there is also one available for 'dry and sensitive skin' here. When I went in store to buy this, the one for dry and sensitive skin was cheaper than the one I bought for some reason although now it's also £3.99.

One thing that I was aware of with this product from reading other reviews is that the size of the jar was actually a lot smaller than the box. Inside the box it has a platform of cardboard which the jar sits on. Also the jar has thick glass at the bottom so that's still even more of the product that we're missing out on! Nevertheless I knew this was the case and still wanted the product despite the amount we actually get.

It does however come sealed with foil underneath the lid which I think is much better, keeping the product fresher for longer! I was quite surprised with the texture of the product as I thought it would be more of a thicker cream consistency rather than some sort of gel that it appears to be.

This isn't as bad as it sounds though as it still feels like a moisturiser but not as thick as I was expecting it to be. It does as it says on the tin, or box in this case of giving 'instant absorption' as it almost melts as you put it onto your skin. I've been using this in the morning when I get up and at night just before I go to bed after cleansing and I think it feels great!

As a primer because I've only had this product for a week now I've only worn make-up over it a couple of times. These times that I have worn it underneath however after a long day outside in the sun I did notice my make-up had stayed on a lot more than it usual would (especially with the heat we've had) so that's another thing this product does, just as it claims to! I'd definitely go and get this whilst you can, I'm not usually one to use primers a lot but this one I don't think I'll be going without!

Abigail x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

REVIEW: L'OREAL 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

I've read (and seen) a lot about the 'L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution' (what a mouth full!) and finally bought it for myself. I've always wanted to try out Bioderma until I heard about this cheaper alternative, being a student I thought I may as well try this one out first, although I still do want to try out Bioderma too!

This is currently on offer in Boots for £3.33 which is insanely cheap for this in my opinion. I've always been one to fall asleep with my make-up on and regret it as soon as I wake up. Using facial wipes never get every single bit of make-up off but from using make-up removers in the past which haven't done much better than wipes, I've been looking around for something better.

I've been using this for almost a week now and it has been amazing! I'm not saying it's as good as Bioderma because I haven't yet had the chance to try it but I guess it's a pretty close call. Especially from reviews I've read of the two being compared, they have most of the time said that there isn't much of a difference between them!

This product also claims to be a 3 in 1 Micellar solution from dissolving make-up, unclogging pores and removing impurities and toning and soothing skin. It does remove make-up very well, the only thing that I think is a bit more difficult to get off is eyeliner but maybe that's just me (or the eyeliner). I'd also say that it does unclog pores/remove impurities although I sometimes use this with a facial scrub too so it could be a combination of them together. I would definitely say it tone and soothes my skin, after using this my skin feels so fresh, smooth and make-up free!

One negative thing I have noticed with this product (which other people have mentioned too) is that when putting some onto a cotton wool pad, more often than not a lot more of the product will come out then I was expecting and I'll be left with a wet floor/sock. However, other than that I think this product is brilliant, and well worth the £3.33!

Have you tried this product? Or know of any similar/better than this?

Abigail x

Friday, 6 September 2013

University: Round 2

Yesterday I started packing, ready for my second year at university! It's crazy thinking how fast the first year went and that I'm already about to go into my second year (especially when your grades count for something this time around)! 

As I've already moved into my new flat this year I don't need to take anyway near as much stuff as I did last year because you can move that into your new place before you go home for summer (if your tenancy starts before you leave anyway). This year I've bought some new things that I didn't need last year such as a non-slip shower mat and a bathroom mat (last year I had what was more of a wet room en-suite compared to a nice en-suite this year) and a little set of drawers (a girl has way too many soaps/hair products, etc.) I didn't need all this last year but wherever you go it'll differ with what you need to buy.

Since I was packing I thought I'd do a little post on what stuff you might need to take and other uni related things. So, although most people will probably go and buy a lot of cheap things for the kitchen (in most places you need all your pots and pans, cutlery, etc.) like I did... I bought some cheap pans last year but they were horrible and I was glad to get rid of them. All the paint in the inside would come off when I tried to cook anything in them by the end of the year so I've managed to get some much better quality pans for this year, and they're pink! So they'll be standing out from everyone else's -which reminds me of another point- IF one of your pans happens to go missing (like mine did) assume one of your flat mates have hidden it in someone else's cupboard! At least they'll notice within 6 months with pink pans, (unlike last year) I hope!

Anyway, so things that were already included in my student halls in the kitchen last year (other than the microwave, two fridges and freezers but only one oven) were two kettles. Luckily enough some of my flat mates had bought toasters with them so we could use theirs. Everything from pans and baking trays to plates, bowls, cutlery and chopping boards is what you'll most likely have to buy for yourselves.

My bedroom at university last year, without all the poster and pictures up (I also have a much better laptop now before you notice that little thing)

In your bedroom you'll need your bedding and duvet/pillows, personal belongings, coat hangers for your clothes, a bin (they were suppose to have one in my accommodation but never gave me one) and anything else you think you'll need depending on you I guess such as posters! You'll need some form of ID at some point as well (usually) and accommodation/university paperwork, not forgetting everything for your course such as books, notebooks and if you're lucky enough to be doing an art/design related course (like myself) you'll be paying tonnes of money on sketch books, pro markers, layout pads and specific thickness and brands of pencils too (yay).

Another thing about going to University (if your starting this year, or worried for when you do) you probably will miss home for the first few nights but once you meet the people you're living with, if your flat mates are anything like mine you'll have a great time and it'll be the best thing you've ever decided to do! Don't worry, everyone is in the same position. I didn't know anyone at all before going to uni and now I've spoken to at least one person I met there everyday of the summer! I'll leave you with a picture of one of our flat last year, Henry. If you're lucky enough to get a hoover like this in your flat, be sure to come in from a night out and ride it down the corridor with someone pulling the front of it (or even whilst sober).

Henry, keeping me company when I was the last to leave to go home for Christmas

Abigail x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Steal her style - Millie Mackintosh

As it's almost 'Made in Chelsea' season again (yay!) I thought I'd share two style steals with you of Millie Mackintosh that I've created. The first one more of a summer/warmer day outfit and the second is one for a cooler day now that autumn is almost here!

Shoes - Newlook - £27.99
Necklace - Newlook - £14.99

Two simple styles which work well! I personally prefer the first one, which one do you prefer?

Abigail x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Liebster Awards!

I'd seen this around on quite a few blogs but I didn't know exactly what it was until I was nominated by Rebecca from - Thanks for nominating me Rebecca, you should all go and check out her blog too!

If you've been nominated, the rules are:

1. You have to answer the 10 questions that your nominator gave you.

2. Nominate 10 people who have under 200 followers and link them in your post.

3. Think of 10 new questions for you nominees to answer.

4. Let them know you've nominated them so they can post their responses.

My answers to Rebecca's questions are..

1) What is a beauty rule that you preach but don't practice?
Sometimes forgetting to take my make-up off before bed when i'm really tired.

2) What made you want to start a blog?
From when I first started reading beauty blogs and watching them on youtube such as fleur and zoella.

3) Who would you say is your style icon?
Not sure, I tend to mix up what I wear depending on what I feel like

4) If you could fly to another country right now, which one would it be?

5) Would you rather fill in your eyebrows with red lipstick every day or use dark grey eyeshadow as blusher every day?
Dark grey eyeshadow as blusher, I wouldn't want my eyebrows to stand out like that!

6) What do you want to be when you're older?
Interior Designer

7) If you could have a makeover in the style of a celebrity, who would it be?
Katy Perry

8) Are you into watching YouTubers? If so, who?
Too many! fleur, zoella, louise, stylesuzi, dollybowbow, joey, tanya and jim, ingrid, alfie, tyler...

9) What is your most worn item of clothing?
I wear Newlook jeans quite a lot (even if it is summer)!

10) Which is your favourite well-known blog and favourite not well-known blog?
favourite well-known blog - Fleur or zoe
favourite not well-known blog - saidacanephotography

The blogs that I'll be nominating are:

Now my 10 questions for you are...

1) What's your favourite drugstore make-up brand?
2) What's your favourite high-end make-up brand?
3) What perfume do you wear?
4) Who was your inspiration to start blogging?
5) If you were to go to the cinema right now which film would you see?
6) Where did you go on holiday to last?
7) What's your favourite TV show?
8) What's your most used beauty product?
9) What's one hair/beauty product you can't live without?
10) Who do you think is the celebrity with the best fashion sense?

Abigail x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Scented Wish List

It wasn't until yesterday when I heard that Katy Perry has a new fragrance coming out later this year. I am SO excited for this! I have Katy Perry's 'Meow' fragrance ('Purr' should be on my list too) so I thought I'd make a little wish list of fragrances that I wish I owned.

Abigail x

The Last Burst of Summer

Now that September is here it'll soon be Autumn and Summer will be over once again. The Autumn and Winter months are probably my favourite time of year, I love getting back into school/college/uni (or whatever it is you do, it feels so strange that i'm going back into my second year of university) feeling refreshed after summer and ready to start all over again. The dark cold nights, hot chocolates, the Autumn colours and then finally my favourite time of year... Christmas!

So, as a little 'last burst of summer' I decided to paint my nails a lovely bright colour before autumn properly starts.
This is 'salsa' by Barbara Daly make-up, I've had this for quite a while now and realised I've never seen their products anywhere else but Tesco. I love this colour, it's a really vibrant orange with a nice shine to it. Looking at their nail polishes online they range from £3-£6 which isn't a bad price at all! I might even have to purchase a few more for the autumn/winter months as this is the only shade I have at the moment.

I hope you've enjoyed this little post and make the most of the little bit of Summer that we have left!

Abigail x

Monday, 2 September 2013

#3 Beauty Quotes

Hello everyone!
I just thought I'd just share with you 3 beauty quotes that might inspire you in some way...

#1 "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius

#2 "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe

#3 "Do I love you because you're beautiful, Or are you 
beautiful because I love you?" - Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella

...they've definitely had me thinking tonight

Speak soon, Abigail x

September Wish List

Just a few things I've had my eye on lately and hoping to buy a few this month...

Abigail x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Favourites

It's September already so that means it's time for everyone's August favourites! I thought i'd share with you some of the things I've been loving this month beauty, fashion and a few little random pieces too.
1. Boots Strawberry Body Spray - I've had this for so long I don't think they sell it anymore but it has a very fruity summery smell.
2&3. Must haves for someone as pale as myself this month are the Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 30 and the Calypso after sun gel.
4. I caved and bought a shake weight earlier this month, it really does work but I might have had a week off and really need to get back into it!
5. This summer for some reason there's been a lot card playing, nothing to do with beauty I know but it's been one of the things I've been finding myself doing this month so I thought I'd share that with you.
6. These cheap Primark sandals only cost a few pounds and they have loads of colours available, great for taking along to the beach and are perfect with almost any outfit

These next three are the main beauty products I've been using the most this month:
7. MAC lipstick in shade costa chic, AB10.
8. Rimmel Kate Lipstick in shade 111 'Kiss of Life'.
9. Bourjois Paris nail polish in shade 27 'Beige Glamour'.

This dress I bought back in April from Newlook although it wasn't until August when I finally got a chance to wear it! Newlook have changed the design since then though but I do prefer this one.

Throughout August I've also been making a lot of smoothies, juices and milkshakes from scratch with my little blender! These are some I made last night, two strawberry and banana smoothies and a peanut butter and banana milkshake!

That's it for my monthly favourites this month, if you'd like anything I've mentioned reviewing then let me know.

What have been your August favourites?

Abigail x