Sunday, 8 October 2017

Halloween Baking Ideas

Now it's October I feel like I can start looking as everything to do with Halloween - pumpkins, fancy dress and spooky films! To me it also means it's getting closer to my favourite time, Christmas but I can't let myself start shopping for that until November. Pinterest is fab for looking at anything to make or bake and I've found quite a few different baking ideas for Halloween so I thought I'd share these with you, they're all linked below too.

Ghost Meringues - These look so good and they're probably quite easy to make, you could even put these on top of cupcakes.

Halloween Cookies -I love baking cookies but I don't think my icing skills are quite this good yet.

Spider web chocolate cupcakes - These are my favourite that I've found so far as they look easy to make, plus they're chocolate.

Spider cupcakes - These cupcakes would be good for a party or for someone who you know doesn't like spiders *cackles*.

Graveyard Mousse - This is such a good idea, I've not seen anything like this design before and it looks like chocolate heaven.

Hope you all liked this post, if I give the spider web cupcakes below I'll be sure to write a post about them. You can see more from my Pinterest page here.


Sunday, 24 September 2017

Back to blogging

'Abigail's World' has been lacking blog posts for six months now and it's time to get back to it. I started a new job over six months ago and juggling this along with driving lessons and a blog was just too much (I like to sleep in sometimes too). But now I'm settled into my job, I've passed my driving test *yay* and got myself a car which saves some time too so I feel like it's time to give the blog another go.

Getting back into blogging I think I want my blog to include less beauty and makeup but more photography, days out and food with the same hauls and wishlists included. I also might start to include some craft/diy pieces such as candles which I have been making for a couple of years.

So this was just a little post to say that I'm still here and will be back again shortly. I also hope that you're all as excited as I am that it's now autumn.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Weekend in the Lake District

Last month I had the chance to visit my friend Alice in Cumbria and of course I thought I'd share some of my many photos with you. I love the Lake District, it's a beautiful place and I had the chance to visit some places I'd never been before, despite the cold and rainy February weather I had a great time.

On our first day out we visited Tarn Hows, it was a great place to walk around with pretty views of the snow at the top of the hills and blue skies. I made friends with a couple of posing ducks as you can see below, and I particularly liked the trees with pennies in them. I find them so interesting and wonder who started it and for what reason.

We then stopped at Windermere for some lunch (we both had soup of the day) before heading on for our next adventure at Levens deer park. There are two separate sides to the deer park, divided by the river. We walked through the first half and didn't manage to spot too many deer, although there was a little family with its young which we spotted. Then we had quite an adventure crossing to the other side via country lanes, spotting some birds and sheep on our way. Then back through the deer park we managed to find a LOT of deer. That's where they were hiding!

After finishing the very muddy walk through the deer park, we called it a day for exploring and went out for tea and cocktails. The next day which was my last full day of visiting the lakes this time around, we started the day by heading to the Lakes Aquarium. I love places like this as I'm a big animal lover and this was more than an aquarium, there were also marmosets and otters and more.

After stopping for lunch at a cafe by the aquarium, we headed on to Fell Foot. It was only a short place to walk around but it was lovely. The views of the lake and the boats were great and Alice says it's a good place to visit in the summer too!

The last adventure of the weekend was a walk up Gummers How. I'm not quite use to walking these hills like Alice is so I was quite out of breath (which is an understatement) by the time we reached the top, but the view was worth it.

If you want to see some more photo's of the beautiful lakes, Alice also wrote a blog post about this weekend which you can find here.


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Instagram Diary 02

I was planning on getting this posted on Sunday (my usual posting day) but I didn't quite have time to finish it off as I spent the weekend visiting a friend in the Lake District - post coming soon. Here's some of the photos I've posted to Instagram lately, you can find more on my profile here.

Back to adding some more wildlife photography to my Instagram here are some winter photos of (left) a Robin in the Lake District from a while ago and (right) a Great Tit in the woods close to my home. The cacti in the centre are starting to grow at last and they look so pretty.

My most worn nail polish through January had to be this purple shade by Maybelline, it's such a great autumn/winter shade. These boots from London Rebel (asos) are amazing, I love getting new shoes and they're surprisingly easier to walk in than I imagined. I love sunsets and the way the sky changes colour, it's so lovely to watch.

When in B&Q I have to go and check out the plant section and once I thought this cactus looked like Mickey Mouse there was no way I could leave it there. A photo of a Dunnock which aren't that easy to photograph, they move so quickly. My monthly favourites for January, you can read more about those here.

 I've seen a lot about the PS (Primark) false nails lately so I bought some to try, although I've not tried them out just yet. A pretty starling posing out in the garden last week, And a throwback photo to strolling around London last year, this was taken in Neal's Yard in Covent Garden.

These three photos were taken this last weekend when I visited the Lake District (post coming soon). The first photo was taken at the top of Gummer's How (I was very worn out by the time I reached the top). The second was taken at the Lakes Aquarium which I thought was cute as I managed to capture what looks like the cast of Finding Nemo/Dory. And finally my latest snap is of Postman Pat's post office in Kendal. It's no longer a post office but it was still a cute little feature to see and read about where the author got some of his inspiration for the tv series from.

Hope you enjoyed this post.